Roulette Overview and Basics – Play Roulette at Singapore Online Casino

It can be said that Roulette deserves to be one of the top gambling games in all subjects. The image of Roulette wheel evokes players a luxurious, professional atmosphere of the casinos we often see in the movie. It is not by chance that Roulette can become a popular betting game and after many years it still stands so. The appeal of Roulette starts from its history, to the game play and luck so high that no impact can control Roulette’s random results. One thing everyone can see is that, despite being dubbed the King of Casino, the popularity of Roulette is very high, from traditional casinos to online casino Singapore. Anyone can access this game. In the online version, players can both experience the game and relax in their familiar space. Players can fully immerse themselves in the game without having to be distracted, or dominated by the surrounding tables. If a player wants to find an equal game for all but has enough sophistication for new players and is always attractive for longtime players, then that game is Roulette.

No matter which variation the player wants to take part in or what type of betting they have, they have to choose the lucky number. Depending on the French or American variant there will be 37 or 38 number pockets. The dealer then throws the ball in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel and when the ball stops, the lucky number will be announced. Whoever chooses the correct winning number will receive a bonus, and the house will withdraw the bet amount of the losers. The new round has started again. Usually when playing in traditional casinos, players will stand around the dealer, the wheeler and next to it there are a lot of people betting on it. However, if you play online Roulette, you can control your own time, fast or slow, it’s up to you. Players can determine the betting time, without waiting for the dealer as well as other participants to bet. This really saves time for players, new players are not embarrassed by the long time.

At online casinos, there are always many rooms available for players, the capacity of each room is 8 people. Instead of waiting for the turn to play like land casinos, players are free to choose the room they want and join.

Whether a player participates in a land or online casino the first thing that is required is to become familiar with the basic elements and rules of the game. In addition, every activity and information of online Roulette players is kept, and they can be reviewed at any time. Moreover, even on the online player, players can still refer and choose the strategy of play. There is a lot of information players need to know such as how to handle an account if the player wins. There are also tips, strategies and systems to play Roulette so players can make the most of it. Although it is said that Roulette is a high-risk game, if you take the time to learn some basic principles, players can still apply them in a few different stages when betting.

Over the years, Roulette has made many changes, but the change is positive so it is still the player’s preferred choice. The online version is a testament to the development of the gambling industry in general and Roulette in particular. Playing online betting does not have to make players lose the sense of playing in traditional casinos or restricting players to casino, but online betting brings Roulette closer to players.

History of Roulette 

The name Roulette comes from French meaning small wheels. French physicist Blaise Pascal invented a small wheel in the 17th century. The task of the wheel is to spin and become the engine of perpetual motion. Until 100 years after the 18th century, this wheel was combined with the game based on the British Roly-Poly game, and from there Roulette was born. Roulette was banned in 1758 but due to its appeal it soon returned.

In 1796, after traveling to many countries around the world, the Palais Royal allowed Roulette to return to France. The wheel was originally designed with a single red 0 and black dual 0, similar to the design of the American variant’s pocket. However, the two French brothers who founded Roulette initially left only a single zero-bag and brought this variation to Germany, which later spread to Europe and is considered European variation today. This variation attracts a lot of people to the casino to join with exciting experience and a higher chance of winning.

In the mid to late 1800s, the game was spread across Europe and across the Atlantic to America. Initially the American bookies did not accept such a variant, so the dealers added a double zero-bag to the wheels.

In the 19th century, the order to abolish gambling was effective in Europe, resulting in a drop in performance for casinos playing Roulette. And at this very moment, in Europe, Monte Carlo is considered a gambling mecca. Many people have relocated to Monte Carlo because this is the only place where gambling is accepted in Europe. It was this place that set the standard of Roulette and the leading game known worldwide as the King of Casino games.

Also in the 19th century, Roulette exploded in the US, because of gambling fraud, so Roulette wheel was placed on the top table for everyone to see. The American variant, the cropped wheel becomes the more leisurely style game of France. Although the US variation offers a higher chance of winning on the house, it is still supported by players because this is a version with a simple betting process and fast payout.

After World War II other card games like craps, blackjack began to increase rapidly, Roulette was reduced compared to before. And the online version of Roulette began to appear in the 1990s, until this point, it is still growing. No longer a game only played in Monte Carlo and for the elite, Roulette online casino now becomes a game with a large number of fans. Anyone can enjoy Roulette with privacy and comfort in their own home.

Online Roulette

One of the things that makes it more interesting for players to play online betting Singapore is thanks to the presence of online Roulette. This chance game also has basic rules and strategies that apply. Using it even in the online version makes Singaporean love to participate in online casinos even more. Each person needs to own colored chips to mark their own betting positions. Color chips are purchased with real money, and the money will be paid through the player’s personal account.

When playing Roulette offline, there are 8 players on a table and each player owns a different chip color. Each time the wheel turns to a stop and the lucky number is selected as a turn. If the player wins, he will receive cash at the end of each turn. As for online Roulette, players’ cash is exchanged for the total amount of money earned in the games they have participated in.

If you want to play online Roulette, you need to determine how much you want to bet and bet chips on the appropriate spaces on the betting area. For example, the number 28 is where the player wants to bet they must place the chips on the square with the number 28. After the bet is completed, the wheel will be spun and the ball will be thrown in the opposite direction with the wheel in motion. . When the wheel is about to stop, and the winning number is selected, the player can still change or continue to bet. The dealer will notify and after that announcement no one will be allowed to place bets and the chip position will remain.

In offline casinos, when the winning number is declared, the dealer will put it on the system board so that everyone can clearly see and delete all previously lost bets. In online games, the winning number is shown with the letter “W”. And after the winning bet is declared, the winner receives payment then the player can continue with the new bet. For high frequency games, players need to learn a lot about it at casinos, and make betting decisions as well as the strategy that best suits them.

Compared to the offline version, Roulette online is much simpler. Basically, it’s the same from rules to betting options and strategy systems. Players can use the computer mouse or finger moving on the screen to select the advantage of the game, so that the player can see the wheel, as well as the other corners of the table exactly as they are taking part. offline betting. Each player has a separate bet limit.

Here Are The Basic Steps When Players Participate In Playing Online Roulette:

  • Players must buy chips.
  • Before the dealer announces no more bets allowed, the bet must bet on the selected number.
  • Whichever ball the ball falls into is the winning number.
  • The payout ratio is notified by the house and the house also distributes the winnings to the lucky ones.
  • Those who lose bets will have their chips recovered and converted into real money and deducted into their accounts.
  • After the game has been dealt with, a new round of betting has begun and the player may continue to bet or leave the table.

Online Roulette Betting Systems

Players have many options to bet: choose a single number, a group of numbers, or bet according to the characteristics of a group of numbers (even, odd, black, red, low, high). There are many types of bets but mainly divided into two main types of bets: internal bets and external bets.

Inside Betting Options

  • Straight up: Players choose a unique number and bet on that number, including the zero
  • Split Bet: chips will be placed between two adjacent numbers and those two numbers on either side of the inner line.
  • Street Bet: At the end of each row there will be three numbers on a horizontal line and players are allowed to place them.
  • Corner Bet: Chips will be at the corner where the four numbers intersect.
  • Line Bet: At the end of two rows when the first line intersects with the rows, chips are placed there.

Outside Betting Options

  • Column Bet: At the end of the columns there will be a bet box and chips will be placed in those boxes, there are 12 numbers in the boxes except the number 0.
  • Dozen Bet: In the bet area marked 3 boxes: 12M, 12P and 12D. Chips placed in boxes next to 12P are for numbers from 13 to 24. Chips are placed next to boxes 12D for numbers from 25 to 36.
  • Even / Odd, Red / Black, Low / High Bet: There will be betting boxes that represent the color and rank of the numbers. A total of 6 boxes and players bet on these boxes. For numbers from 1 to 18 the low bet remaining is the high bet, except for zero.

The Zero Rule

If the ball is dropped into pocket zero then bets on black, red, low and high boxes will be canceled.


Below are the payoffs for each betting match that the online bookie rules. Depending on the bet type, the payout amount will match that type:

  • The payout is from 1 to 35 if betting on a number.
  • The payout is from 1 to 17 if you bet on 2 numbers.
  • If the player places a bet on 3 numbers then the payout is from 11 to 1.
  • The payout will be from 8 to 1 if the bet has 4 numbers.
  • When betting 6 numbers, the payoff is from 5 to 1.
  • The payout will be 2 to 1 if the bet includes 12 numbers.
  • And the player will have a payout ratio of 1: 1 if the bet consists of 18 numbers.

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