Oneshot Fishing – Fish Table Games

Oneshot Fishing is one of the optimal options for players who want to join the fish game gambling and receive real money rewards. Oneshot Fishing appears at many online casinos and the number of players accepting it is constantly increasing. If players want to have interesting experiences about fish table games, receive attractive payouts, Oneshot Fishing is an extremely suitable choice. Follow the article below to understand more about Oneshot Fishing!

What Is Oneshot Fishing?

Oneshot Fishing still has the traditional content and gameplay of the fish table game, which means that the player will play the role of a hunter and hunt fish for rewards. However, this version has a more thoughtful investment in graphics and sound. Players when experiencing Oneshot Fishing always feel authentic, just like they are lost in the vast ocean world with thousands of creatures.

Oneshot Fishing can be played on computer or mobile, players go to a quality online casino, register a betting account and click on the Oneshot Fishing application to experience. At each interface, the player’s experience will change, each individual’s feeling will be different. Coming to Oneshot Fishing, players have 3 options, corresponding to 3 levels:

  • Newbie: 0.1 – 1
  • Expert: 1-10
  • Master: 10-100

In addition, when participating in Oneshot Fishing, players will have the opportunity to approach the god dragon, offering the opportunity to increase the bonus value hundreds of times compared to the normal bonus.

For features like thunder, the player can increase the power 3 times, Oneshot Fishing becomes even more amazing in the eyes of the player. If photoelectric cannons help players improve the functionality of the weapons they currently own, bullets will also have a stronger effect.

The Features Of Oneshot Fishing

Oneshot Fishing allows many players to participate at the same time, players compete with each other, or conquer challenges together to receive bonuses. When the player knows how to use the features, the player can collect the desired amount of bonus points.

The player must fully concentrate on the game, pursuing the objectives as set out earlier. Then the player can kill more fish, get more bonuses.

Players will encounter weapons with functions such as Target Lock, automatic fire, change guns, bullets, … These functions will support players a lot, so if you want to destroy many fish, people Play to upgrade weapons, practice a lot.

  • Dragon Ball Turtle: Dragon ball turtle will show up with the Dragon ball on his back. After he dies, players will get one Dragon Ball and 25x – 75x bonus. 
  • Fortune god is coming: Players have the opportunity to gain 100x – 300x bonus before he leaves the screen. 
  • Shenlong: It will be summoned after 7 Dragon Balls are gathered and it will appear randomly in levels of the game. Besides, players could gain 50x- 500x bonus when hunting Shenlong. 
  • Shenlong Jr.: It’s unclear how to make Shenlong Jr.appear, however legend has it that a player could gain 30x – 300x bonus when hunting Shenlong Jr. 

The gun of Oneshot Fishing 

  • Level 1 ( Raise the Pay to Enhance player’s attack):  Normal bullets with bo skill. 
  • Level 2 – Freezing Skill: Trigger at random to freeze or to pin the fish. 
  • Level 3 – Lightning Shill: Trigger at random to kill extra fish school. 


  • Electrify bullet: Release exxtra 1 beam after shot to attack other fish species. 
  • Electrify Canon: Trigger mighty cannon at random to straight – widely kill fish school. 


  • Normal fish:
  • Medium fish 
  • Big Fish 
  • Special Fish 


Just now is the basic information about OneShot Fishing and the notes that players need to know if they want to conquer the game. Besides OneShot Fishing, the website also provides a lot of other information about fish table games, players can update regularly, improve skills and receive attractive rewards. Wish players have a happy experience with OneShot Fishing and online versions of fish table games!