Community Responsibility

Because this is an online gaming channel, serving the whole world. Besides creating favorable conditions for players as well as the interesting about the online version, there are still a few small limitations. A small number of players are underage, or a small part has financial problems. And to reduce those restrictions, – a responsible gambling channel, not only fully applies the policies but also commits to take it seriously:

The legal age to play is 18 years, if the player is under 18 and intentionally registered gambling will be against the law.

Under Age Gambling

To prevent individuals from participating in illegal games, establishes a system to check suspected accounts by presenting proofs or driving licenses. And of course, no reward will be received in the process of proving the age of the player. The maximum number of testing hours is 72 hours.

If the customer is indeed not old enough, it means that the account previously registered will be closed state, and all will be refunded to the customer. Of course there will be no bonuses.

Staying In Control

Adjust the playing time very reasonable

Play games for fun, not turn it into a tool to make money

Play within your limits, do not lose control to avoid losses.

If you are an adult with children you need to use software to prevent gambling from minors.

Parental Control

CYBERsitter is used to add adult sites that you want to block protects children from inappropriate things

Problem Gambling

There are many problems when playing games. Those problems are mostly from each person’s self, unable to control themselves, being dependent on gambling. Here are examples of specific cases:

Many gamblers are often criticized for being deeply involved in gambling

Many people spend all their money on gambling instead of covering other things in real life

Conflicts occur because of gambling

Quitting the job, the things needed to do more to gamble

Many gamblers who lost instead of pausing continued to think that they would get their money back

And there are many serious problems if you do not control yourself when gambling

Self Exclusion Procedure

Accounts for a period of 6 months to 5 years may be closed at any time. And during that time the customer will not be betting nor cancel the agreement. And that customer will be blocked new account while being excluded.

Customers can send a letter of complete form via or contact customer service, to get advice when a complaint, or want to self-exclude agreement. And customer will be confirmed via email. The process includes personal information, timing of exclusion and consequences.

Players need to keep in mind the following:

– Can cancel with self exclusion agreement

– Can also be deployed as soon as contact details are given

– Agreement to apply

– Need to contact customer service if you want to continue playing after the exclusion period ends

A great and reputable online casino. ensures players enjoy the most, most satisfied with our service. For some unsatisfied individuals, has a professional customer service team, attentive and ready to serve.

In addition to other cards, in order to control the player’s account, the amount of money in the betting account is limited

Players can review the transaction history on the website. Transactions are transparent.