• Player information and data are processed by 888casinos.org, in order to manage player participation in system games, and general site activities.
  • Sau k.After players accept 888casinos.org to process personal information and data, players can join to access, register accounts and experience the products and services provided.
  • 888casinos.org only uses the player’s personal information to allow them access to the products, and verify the account for security.
  • If a player agrees to submit personal information and data, it is the responsibility of the 888casinos.org companies to be responsible for some parts of the site’s overall functionality and operation. Of course everything should be as specified in the Privacy Policy.

Player information and personal data are used for other information such as:

Payment issues (online and offline)

Betting transaction

Manage and build accounts

Comply with the regulations of the law

Survey members, research, analysis

Promotions of products and services of the company

Supervision to prevent and eliminate abnormal activities such as fraud, money laundering, …

  • Players will be contacted customer care through channels: phone, email, SMS or social networking channels. If the customer service department receives a response from the phone, the customer request will be recorded and resolved at the request of the customer.
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  • For any change 888casinos.org will set the privacy mode and take effect immediately.
  • 888casinos.org can display the player’s winning amount information on the “Winners” website via a newsletter or banner. (including name and amount received).