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Roulette is an extremely popular casino betting game. The attraction of Roulette is probably the randomness, high risk that makes players nervous when placing bets. In addition, Roulette rules are easy to understand with many simple betting options. However, it is not just because it is a random betting game that players bet on foolishly, without thinking and entrusting to their own luck.

Along with the development of Roulette, over the years, players have researched a number of strategies. Depending on how you feel and how to place a bet, and how to apply each person’s strategy, those strategies work. As practice shows, applying strategies and tips will at least help players avoid significant losses. The following article will give players knowledge about some of the strategies used in offline and online Roulette betting.

Roulette Strategy 

Any game has its own strategy, Roulette is no exception. There are players who use their own unique strategies. Other players use a common strategy passed from person to person. Over the years, some have been around since 1800, others in recent times.

In Europe, some strategies used by gamblers are Martingale System, Betting Only on Red and betting Multiple times (a combination of red betting and Martingale System).

Martingale System

By the late 1700s, before the casino situation itself was likely bankrupt and closed. The owner of the casino, John Henry Martindale, encouraged the player to place a bet twice the amount the player had originally bet. And then, a century has passed, there are many major changes by playing this, the gameplay has been named Martingale. The Martingale system helped a player named Charles Wells with just 4,000 francs in Monte Carlo and won 1 million francs in three days. Since then, Martingale has been a well-known Roulette strategy. To this day, many still apply this style of play.

The rules of the Martingale system are that after each losing bet the player must double his / her stake in the previous game. The most commonly placed bets on the Martingale system are red, black, even, odd, high and low. And if the next game the player still loses, they must bet twice the amount of the match for the next betting match. If the player is comfortable with money and is entertained instead of making a profit, this is an appropriate betting strategy. Because each doubling the bet amount, the player’s lost money is likely to increase quickly. This means that the balance in the account is lowered.

Betting Only on Red

The player’s win rate increases to 48.64% if the player only bet red. Because, on the spinning version of the Chau u variant has a total of 37 number pockets, of which 18 number boxes are colored in red, the odds will be nearly 50%. And this strategy will attract players who like to learn about strategic probabilities because it involves math.

Betting Multiple Times

This is a combination of two other strategies, Martingale system and Betting Only on Red. For this strategy, players bet both odd and red numbers. The Martingale system will separate red and odd bets, and players have up to a 25% chance of winning both red and odd bets. Moreover, the chance of break-even is 50%.

Each player will decide which bet to choose and which strategy is suitable for that bet. For inexperienced players, you can try out the various options and strategies to find out which one is best for you. In addition, each player can also be a creator of their own betting strategy and develop it into their own betting version like the previous Roulette betting versions.

Roulette Tips

  • Even inexperienced or experienced players should look for a reputable, quality, reliable and licensed online casino to participate.
  • Players should find out before playing online Roulette, read the game guide and play experience, refer to and choose the most appropriate Roulette strategy.
  • Familiarize yourself with the different rules, procedures, and stages of game activity.
  • Experiment with different systems and different strategies until you find one that suits you.
  • Set a limit for yourself to spend properly. Players need to specify the amount of money they can comfortably spend before playing. Next is to manage that money wisely, avoiding risk for all the money that the player has. Dividing the amount of money spent into service amounts for different rounds is also a way to manage spending.
  • The amount of bonus when playing Roulette should be separated from the amount in the bank account. Because if put together players risk losing the profits they earn.
  • Limiting time to play Roulette is also an intention to do when participating in online casino. To avoid missing other working time, players set an alarm clock.
  • Before the bet needs to look through, see what the odds are, the likelihood of winning, the potential from the payouts.
  • Should choose European or French variations to play because the American variation has a chance of winning up to 5.26% while the other two variants have only 2.7%.
  • 1: 1 and 2: 1 are the best odds, players should take advantage.
  • Remember that Roulette is a game of chance so do not spend money to buy programs and systems as they advertise to help players cheat when playing Roulette.
  • Know when it’s time to stop and quit at the right time.

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