Applicability of these Terms & Conditions

When customers choose the box “agree” below, they have accepted the terms and conditions given by the company. They will visit the company’s website, open an account or place a bet. After clicking the accept button, customers will be bound to what they have read through the terms, conditions and other privacy policy and rules. The Company is the place with the right to amend the terms, rules as well as privacy policies. And customers will be notified by the company on a prominent website if the company changes its terms, rules or privacy policy.

Because laws, regulations as well as rules will change regularly. To avoid undesirable conditions, customers need to check these conditions regularly, to ensure that they continue to accept. When using the website, if you accept the terms, conditions, rules and regulations, customers will click on the link link. And once you have clicked on the link box, you have unconditionally accepted the laws, and cannot be canceled. If any bets are recorded but not settled before the time the terms are amended, then they will be made in accordance with the prevailing terms. Documents about terms, conditions and rules are all written in English. There are also cases that are translated into other languages, but English is always the dominant one.

Customer Representations

Customers need to be old and responsible for their own work, and bound by the terms they have accepted. If there are any violations, the company will invalidate transactions related to minors.

Depending on the laws where customers live, you can play online at because there are p

laces that prohibit betting or playing online. Customer assures that it will not access or register the website at any time:

  • Limit the scope of gambling ban
  • Customers living in the area are not allowed to gamble
  • Customers in special administrative regions such as Hongkong, France, Switzerland, .. (places where jurisdiction is prohibited)

Customers need to ensure that:

  • Customers will obey the laws of the place they live before placing bets.
  • The customer needs to acknowledge that the company provides services for itself from the jurisdiction of a licensed entity.

Customer guarantees not to represent any company or any branch of the company. Customers are not allowed to promote the company without being authorized in writing by the company.

Customers need to ensure the following for the company:

  • Reverse or reverse engineer all software
  • Copy, modify, use and distribute any part of the website
  • Disclose account information to a third party
  • the opposite of any clause in the document
  • Cheating, cheating, falsifying company information

And the company will take strict measures if it finds that customers have something against the original rule:

  • Account freeze
  • Termination of service to customers
  • Collect any amount from the customer’s account.

If the customer becomes aware of a payment problem with the company, immediately notify it. And will be handled according to customer requirements in accordance with the rules below:

  • Customer may not cancel or authorize the use of an account for another person or a third party.
  • All winnings must be declared to the competent authority.
  • Winnings in jurisdictions where customers are required to pay taxes in accordance with the law.
  • The company is not responsible if customers do not pay taxes.
  • Customers accept compensation and protection of the company as well as the ranks.

Account Information and Personal Information

– There are many payment methods mentioned by the company on the web and customers will use those methods if they want to pay with the company. In addition to making direct payments to the company, there is an “authorized payment solution”, and prior use is required in writing. The use of “authorized payment solution” is not in any way on the existing market.

– Each customer must open an account if he wants to use the company’s services, and each person can only have one account.

– To become a registered member, customers need to provide sufficient information to the company based on the personal information registration form (name, phone number, address and payment bank). The customer information must be accurate and truthful over time and at any time for the company to correctly identify customers when necessary. If the customer gives false information, violates the terms provided by the company, that account is immediately frozen, and the available money in the account is also lost. When the customer completes the online form and sends it back to the company, it is accepted by the company, the customer has become a “Registered customer”, and can use the company’s services, using the money in the account. Bet with minimum and maximum limits.

– Each customer can only have one main account accepted by the company. Additional accounts may be closed by the company at any time. And the amount of money in the customer’s accounts, at the discretion of the company, would reasonably merge those accounts together, belonging to a customer.

– After becoming a registered member of the company, customers will receive an account including username and password. It is the customer’s job to keep the account information confidential, not to let a third party know. If detecting that an individual’s account has been compromised, the customer should immediately notify the company for timely settlement (providing a new account). Because when using the company’s services, or betting activities, if the account is determined to be considered valid, it is necessary to keep account information carefully.

– When detecting that their account is used, customers should immediately notify the company. And the company will not be responsible for any delay notification. The account will be disabled immediately. In addition to this, if any assistance is needed, the customer can contact the company by clicking on the “contact us” section displayed in the web.

– When a problem is found, the company may ask the customer to change the password. Depending on the circumstances, the company may suspend its account if it identifies abuse. In addition, the request to change the password or account information will be sent to customers separately.

– The company may randomly check security depending on the customer to protect the customer’s account. It is the customer’s duty to accept requests from the company.

Every time you access your account, checking your balance is indispensable. If customers detect any abnormal changes in the balance, they must immediately notify the company as quickly as possible, and declare personal transactions since the last inspection. And if within thirty days from the last day of the aforementioned month, the company does not notice any complaint, it will not be responsible for investigating or handling the customer.

– In some cases the company reserves the right to disable the client’s account and return or retain the money in the client’s account.

– Customers will be able to withdraw money from their accounts if the balance has been confirmed by the company and the funds are withdrawn according to the principles set on the website.

– If the customer wants to cancel his account, contact the company requesting cancellation with the text. And customers should not use the site after the cancellation request, as will be responsible for any case until notice of account cancellation from the company.

– Within a period of twelve months or longer if the customer does not log in to the company’s website once. The Company will close the account, and will collect all payment balances in the account, meaning that all customer complaints with the company are also canceled.

Account Information and Personal Information

 Customers who register online can place bets

– When a customer makes a bet, if the bet is recorded by the gaming server of the company in the area where the customer placed the bet, and accepted by the company then send a notice to the customer. That bet is called success.

– Email will be sent to customers when they place a bet successfully

– A bet will be unsuccessful if one of the above mentioned problems is malfunctioned.

– Customers can cancel the bet if checking the website has seen that the bet has not been confirmed by the company and is on the list. On the contrary, when the notice is received, it is impossible to cancel the bet. In the process of placing a bet, if there is a conflict, the company will investigate and properly handle both parties

– Customer’s transactions with the company will always be recorded. If, in the event of a two-party default, such transactions are evidence to resolve the above contradictions.

– The company reserves the right to place and ban bets at any time without prior notice to customers.

– In case the customer bet has malfunction due to network or equipment reasons, the company is not responsible.

– The Company will not accept any responsibility if the betting errors are due to external reasons, not caused by the company website.

– Each bet has its expiry date, if the bet is accepted after the deadline then it will be considered void.

Customers will be able to bet if the amount in the account is greater than the amount that the customer placed coc.

– The odds will change but will be fixed at the time of the bet. And the change will be announced by the company on the website

– Depending on the specific bet type, the maximum bet amount of the customer may change without notice to the company.

The Company Conduct and Limitation of Liability

The player’s winning amount is won or lost by the company after the end result.

– Any amount confirmed to the customer for which the error will be deemed invalid and must be returned to the company.

– If errors are caused by customers, the company reserves the right at its discretion to void bets to correct errors.

– The Company reserves the right to withdraw the website as well as parts of the website at any time in order to save and benefit customers.

Use of the Website

If the company detects that its customers use its account as well as its website to commit illegal acts, frauds, money laundering … or use any law that they live in. The company will immediately disable, close the account state as well as cancel all bets made by the customer, recover all the money in the customer’s account. At the same time, the company will not be responsible for the scope of activities of the customer and does not provide information and activities of customers during the use of the website to any regulatory agencies.

General Rules and Specific Event Rules

1. The following rules apply to online casinos:

– Online casino is a system of gambling games (bingo, jackpot, poker, …) on the internet and is provided by the . The software is licensed by the company, including many programs and data files accessible by customers from the site.

Customers are not allowed to:

 Do not download or install software from the server to provide it for other online services or for anyone.

 Transferring, leasing, lending or copying software requires a clear, specified license, software license or copies thereof

 Do not translate, reproduce, or modify the software based on the originals

 Information provided in electronic form is not copied, provided “online”

 Do not enter, access or attempt to bypass the online casinos security system, or change any software features

2. Customers can only use but not own the software. The software is proprietary and proprietary property of the licensor, and is protected worldwide by copyright. The agreement only applies to the licensing of the software.

3. If the customer agrees to use the company’s software, he will be solely responsible and use the software in any case. Therefore, in the event of any damage or consequence, the company will not be responsible.

4. Software used by customers may have confidential supplier information, so customers must not disclose such information and must strictly comply with the original regulations.

3. The customer accepts any payments for using the software including a third party when it comes to using online casinos. If there is a breach, the customer must pay full compensation for previous payments, including costs incurred during processing.

4. The Company will secure the client’s ID account as well as retain the prize money that is worth to the winner if the subject has not been confirmed correctly. The winner wishing to receive a reward needs to provide an equivalent certified ID that is compatible with the personal information the company holds.

5. If it is discovered that a player has taken advantage of the company: bonuses, promotions, specific policies or rules. The company will withdraw and reverse any payment.

6. If the customer wins the jackpot, the company will transfer it to a third party for settlement. If the 3rd party transfers the winnings to the company in time, the company will pay the player the bonus within the first 14 days of the following month. And the player must go through the verification procedure. In case the 3rd party does not pay in time, the customer accepts to protect the company against damages, grievances or expenses during the processing.

Promotional Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions governing all the Promotions offered by

1. Players must be 18 years old

2. will award and organize promotions for entertaining customers. Also betting or suspected betting accounts are not eligible.

3. Only one account per customer is allowed. And all offers are limited to one person, an account, a family, an email address, a phone number and a bank address.

4. All bonuses cannot be transferred to any other account without’s approval. reserves the right to require any individual to provide an account as well as information to identify you if you wish to receive any prizes.

5. In the process of awarding if a dispute arises, the final decision will remain with, the decision made clear and without any appeal from the customer.

6. Employees, relatives or persons related to are not allowed to participate in the promotion.

7. For cases where there are differences between versions. The terms are terms that apply according to the English version