Fishing Yilufa – Fish Table Games Online

Fishing Yilufa is a fairly new fish game online on the market today, they have an Asian cultural theme, so they are quite attractive to players in this market. In this article, 888casinos will introduce how to play Fishing Yilufa in detail.

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What is Fishing Yilufa?

Fishing Yifula is a version of fish table gambling game online with many special features and attractive additions for players at the bookie today. Players will shoot down the sea creatures that appear on the screen to bring back the corresponding bonus. The ultimate goal is to defeat the Dancing Lion (unicorn) to bring back the winnings up to 1000 times the stake, in addition to many other high-value sea creatures that the player can destroy in the game. 

Levels in Fishing Yifula

The game is divided into 3 levels suitable for players, choosing this level will increase fairness in the game. The game levels are as follows:

  • Newbie: The lowest bet for this level will be 0.5 and the highest is 50, suitable for new players with no experience.
  • Expert: The lowest bet is 10 and the highest is 100.
  • Royal: The lowest bet at this level is 50, the highest is 100, for members who have mastered online shooting skills.

Features of the game Fishing Yifula

Players will have 5 click chances if the Fortune Yilufa feature is activated, on the screen there will be green, red and blue Yilufa randomly appearing on the screen. There are many Good Luck that will appear if this game ends, depending on the case, the player will receive from 1 to 3 bonus functions as follows:

  • Blue Yilufa: Bet will be multiplied by 3 times.
  • Green Yilufa: Randomly receive 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X, 35X bet amount.
  • Red Yilufa: The cumulative number of Blue Yilufa currently matches Red Yilufa and Green Yilufa.

Golden Wheel

Players will have the opportunity to upgrade to be able to win the wheel upgrade or mystery expansion, the Golden Wheel of Wealth rewards will include 18x, 28x, 58x, and 88x stake bonuses.

Dancing Lion

Players will have the opportunity to receive items up to 100x-300x if the player catches the Dancing Lion, besides the player also has a chance to receive Lucky items.

Fortune comes

Players will have a chance to get Fortune at hand if they catch Ultra Bazooka and Dancing Lion, luck will help increase the player’s ammo until the player runs out of ammo.

Ultra Bazooka

Players will have the opportunity to bet 5 times, 50 free bullets and a chance to win the item Fortune comes, the maximum ammo that the player can get when combining Ultra Bazooka and Fortune is 99 rounds.

Outstanding advantages of Fishing Yilufa

Super Ammo

A new type of ammunition is equipped that will be exclusively for shooting Unicorn fish, when collecting this ammunition, players will be able to shoot down big fish easily and quickly.

Free auto-fire and target lock function

With Unicorn fish shooting, players will have full access to the auto-fire and target lock feature for free to increase the chance of hitting the target.

No need to shoot the boss, there is still a bonus

In the game Fishing Yilufa, even if you can’t shoot the boss, you can still get a bonus of up to 100 times your bet.

Play for free

If you join for the first time or are not confident in your ability to shoot fish, players can join the free trial of this game.


Just the introduction of how to play Unicorn Fishing Yilufa fish table game online, in addition, players can also experience other games at 888casinos today such as Fishing Spongebob or Golden Dragon.