Learn Programming Algorithms For Fish Table Game Online

Each game of fish table like golden dragon or King Kong’s Rampage when produced has its own programming software, thus ensuring the best quality for the game. These algorithms are very complex, design the rules of the game based on the needs and tastes of the players.

So this depends on the requirements of the server, depending on the game there will be different levels of complexity. Game publishers, if they want to attract customers and stimulate players, will increase or decrease the difficulty of the game. This is also divided into stages in each game or in the rooms of the online fish table.

The programming of the online fish table has a clear sequence, high transparency and it is difficult for new players to distinguish. Only customers who are really skilled and experienced can distinguish bullets, small or large sizes in different versions. However, the number of versions is also limited, not all. That is why there is a difference between winning or losing in an online fish table. Unlike other entertainment genres, if players want to win fish table online, they need not only luck but also skills, thinking and logical reasoning.

In the online casino market, if you want to bring high profits, the fish table versions often have complicated programming modes, difficult to play and players are less likely to win. If customers want to win, they need to practice for a long time, drawing on their own experience and fighting skills.

Learn Programming Algorithms For Fish Table Game Online

The Algorithm Behind Online Fish Table Game

Each Creature’s Payout

  • The number of bonus points in the online fish table is usually calculated according to the number of bullets they use. This means that if the player fires a bullet, successfully kills the fish, the player receives a bonus to buy the same number of bullets. In each version, there will be different creatures, with separate bonus points, players must grasp all of them to be able to apply the appropriate strategy.
  • For normal, small fish, the bonus points are from 2 to 10 points. There are also a few large fish such as the shark which has a bigger score from 30 points or the stingray 50 points.
  • Even more special, creatures that are considered bosses such as mermaids will have different rewards, at other times in the game.

Normal Score Calculation

  • Normally, online fish shooting games will have a way to calculate bullet points: The player fires 1 bullet, if the fish dies, the player collects many bullets of the same type used or the corresponding number of bonus points.
  • When players fire continuously, their bonus points or bonuses increase.
  • The game will list all the bullets the player has used and the amount of money they get when killing a fish. Particularly for boss fish such as arowana or monster, it is very difficult to determine because it appears suddenly, without any rules.
  • Experience for new players to destroy the boss: When the fish appears, the player waits for other opponents to release bullets, reducing the fish’s strength. When the fish is about to die, the player releases the last bullet to destroy the boss. The customer who successfully kills the fish, that player gets full bonus points. A smart player will calculate their moves carefully, so they won’t waste their ammo.

Based on the law of conformity

  • Online fish table has many levels of bullet points, usually ranging from 1 to 100. If the player releases 1 bullet, the small fish dies, they collect 1 point. If the player uses 2 bullets, the gain is 2*n bullet points, similarly the player calculates the 100th bullet’s bullet points.
  • In case the player uses 1 bullet without killing the fish, the player should increase the number of bullets to 2, continue to 3 until the fish dies, provided that the bonus points must be attractive. Otherwise, the player will waste ammo, which means wasting the bet money.
  • The rules for calculating the player’s loss are also calculated in this way. However, in the game fish moves quite fast, sometimes it is difficult for players to successfully control. So players have to practice a lot and be more assertive in the games.


In general, the online fish table algorithm will be programmed and changed based on each product. If players want to understand that game well, about how to program each game, players must learn carefully. The fastest way is to experience the game’s services, try hunting to understand the rewards and the amount of ammunition enough to destroy them. 888 casino hopefully based on the above information, players can find suitable online fishing products!