Golden Dragon Online Fish Table

Golden Dragon is a online fish table game produced by publisher KaGa, famous for many quality products. This game also has a very separate color, with a thoughtful investment in graphics and sound. Surely players when participating in Golden Dragon online fish game at will have surprises!

Golden Dragon Online Fish Table

The Levels Of Golden Dragon Online Fish Table

Golden Dragon online fish game has 3 rooms, corresponding to 3 levels with ranks from low to high. Depending on the ability, the player chooses the appropriate rank to join.

  • Bronze: Bet from 0.01$ to 0.10$. The symbol of this level is a lovely, orange puffer fish. Inexperienced players should choose this level, simple, can experience and train skills for higher ranks.
  • Silver: Bets from 0.01$ to 1.00$. Symbol is a mermaid with extremely beautiful red hair. Players who want to improve their fighting skills and skills should choose this bet, the bet is not too big, if they are lucky, they can receive an attractive bonus.
  • Gold: Bets from 1.00$ to 10.00$. Symbol is a large, strong and majestic golden dragon. Usually only players who specialize in online fish table choose this level, the reward is large but it is difficult to win.
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The Features Of The Golden Dragon

  • Crystal Win ($20): Thanks to this feature players can take home a win in a chain reaction. This means all crystals and other creatures on the screen will be killed.
  • Freeze Bomb ($20): When the bomb explodes, all fish in the area are frozen, they cannot move. Then the player just needs to point the gun in that direction and release the bullet.

Notes When Playing Golden Dragon online fish table

  • When participating in Golden Dragon online fish table, players must possess a few skills and know how to use “target lock” “auto feature” in necessary cases.
  • When the bullet hits the wall, it will bounce and can hit any fish, the player will receive a reward according to the payout ratio.
  • Adjusting the cannon will directly affect the outcome of the game, players must adjust accordingly.
  • All wins are multiplied by the total bet amount.
  • Crash voiding all payouts and plays


Golden Dragon online fish table is the most popular game at 888casinos. Players who want to find a product that is new, interesting and attractive, should not ignore Golden Dragon online fish table. Hopefully with the above information, players will understand more about Golden Dragon and have the most appropriate participation strategy. Good luck players!