King Kong’s Rampage – Fishing Game

King Kong’s Rampage is a game that combines beautiful images, vivid sound and is full of new and fun action. The creatures that appear in King Kong’s Rampage will bring customers newness and high entertainment.

Currently is the first website to offer King Kong’s Rampage with an online version. The system can confidently satisfy players from the service to the quality of the game. Palace learns about King Kong’s Rampage through the article below!

What Is King Kong’s Rampage?

 Similar to other online fish table game versions, King Kong’s Rampage is a game to kill fish and receive rewards. In this game, many people can participate at the same time, the maximum number of people at a round is 10 people. Their goal is to hunt fish, compete with other objects to get the highest possible reward.

When participating in King Kong’s Rampage, players can encounter many other symbols such as Golden Dragon, Fire Dragon. These are bosses that are hard to destroy in the game, they appear randomly, in a certain time period and bring great rewards to players.

No need for tricks or manipulation from the website, players still register and join King Kong’s Rampage because of its new features, attractive images and extremely realistic sounds. Guaranteed King Kong’s Rampage will bring satisfaction to all players in the system.

The Features Of King Kong’s Rampage

King Kong’s Rampage is a famous online fish table game in the US market. The number of diverse creatures, many beautiful images are continuously updated by the publisher. Players when participating in King Kong’s Rampage certainly do not feel bored, on the contrary, they are attracted and can hardly stop.

When playing King Kong’s Rampage, players will have the opportunity to encounter some new features such as:

  • King Kong fights a Boss in King Kong’s Rampage, players thanks to this battle can also collect additional bonuses.
  • Players win big if King Kong attacks a crocodile in game.
  • If the player catches the King Kong rampaging, the player will notice the attack speed of the weapons will be faster. The same place where the player’s bonus level increases rapidly.
  • All fish appearing in the path of the laser crab will be killed.
  • The Crab Hammer will smash the screen, the fish on the screen stop moving and in turn are destroyed by the player.

Players when participating in King Kong’s Rampage need to rely on skill a lot if they want to win. This skill is accumulated after practicing and experiencing different games. In addition, the courage of the players also contributes to their bonuses. When they dare to compete with players, perform decisive and powerful actions, they will shorten the time to destroy creatures.

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