Spongebob – Online Fish Table Game

If players want to participate in online fish table-themed games, cute content, cartoon-oriented and lively characters. Players can try to find Spongebob. This is a new product, just released and now available at online casinos. This game is warmly welcomed by many members at 888casinos.org. So what is the point of the game being so attractive? What features does Spongebob possess? Follow the article below for more details!

The Betting Room Of Spongebob

  • VIP: Each player can only choose 1 gun to join the game, the investment for weapons at this level is quite low, only from 10 to 1000 coins. Players can join to experience and improve their skills before starting the real battle.
  • VVIP: Each player can use 2 guns to participate in the game, the money used to buy weapons ranges from 50 to 1000 coins. Players who want to participate in this level must have economy, skills and some previous experience. At this level, the fee to enter the room is 10 coins.
  • Super VIP: This is the highest rank of Spongebob, usually the masters, skilled, often participate in the fish table online. Each time you log in to this level, the player will cost 10 coins. Players are allowed to use 3 guns to participate in the game. The stakes range from 100 to 1000 coins.

The Features Of Spongebob

Slay laser: the fish in the line of sight has a high chance of hitting a kill

Cyclic power grid: can choose a long -term power grid attack in any area. 

Invincible bomb: kill all the fish on the screen. 

Hit to capture similar fish species on the screen. 

Hit for undersea blasting. 

Hit lucky fish and get 2-10 times reward




Above all is the information of the game… Players if you want to participate, don’t forget to learn about the payment levels and features. Especially, players can experience the Demo version, improve their skills before betting with bonuses. Good luck players!