Catte Card Game

Catte is one of the card games not to be missed when coming to bookies on the market. To be able to participate in playing Catte and win, players need to know the rules of the game and have some experience playing Catte from their predecessors. If players have a need to join Catte, follow the article below by 888 casinos for more information about this game.

The Rules Of Catte Card Game

Players participating in Catte can bet in many different ways. Types of bets are based on the odds offered by the bookie. Online Catte betting has many advantages, making it much more convenient for players to participate in the process.

Each game of Catte has from 2 to 5 players, going through 6 rounds in turn. The bookie dealer will hand out 6 cards to each player at each round. The first player will play with 1 card.

Next, the remaining players, if they have cards of the same suit but of greater value, then play along and continue to the next round. In the event that no player has a card of the same suit of greater value than block.

Players will have to upload 1 of the 6 cards that the Dealer initially dealt if there are no cards of the same suit with a greater value to follow the bet. And so on, continue to hit a total of 4 rounds. The player with the highest value card who has blocked the opponent will enter the show card round. The remaining players without cards will be disqualified.

Note: In the last round, the person who shows the first card is the last person to catch the card in round 4.

How To Show Cards In The Catte

Getting to rounds 5 and 6 in Catte are called show cards. According to the rules of the game, the person who catches the last card in round 4 will show cards. When showing the first card, the player will show 1 card, then if the other player has a card of the same suit with a greater value, he will win this card and continue to show the remaining “lost” card.

During this round of 6, if all players don’t have “lost” cards of the same suit and higher value, the person showing the card wins. Conversely, if someone else on the table has a card with the same suit and value as the person showing the card, that person will win.

The Rules Win All In The Catte

The player who wins all will immediately win that hand. So what cases will win all when playing Catte game card?. The 6 cards of the player with the following combinations win all:

  • Four of the kind
  • 6 cards have the same suit.
  • 6 cards have a value less than 6.

If there are two players on the table, they both have cards to win all. At this time, the cards will be compared between two people to determine the winner, the rules for comparing cards are as follows:

  • Whoever’s Four of a Kind is bigger, that person wins.
  • 6 cards have the same suit => consider the value of each card.
  • 6 cards have a value less than 6 => consider the value of each card.

The Law of “Gục Tùng”

“Tùng” is a special term in Catte. So what is stooping, find out below

  • “Gục Tùng” the whole table

Where there is a player in the table playing 4 cards from round 1 to 4 (maybe up to 5 or 6) but no other player has cards of the same suit with greater value to follow. That player will immediately win the hand and also receive a double bet

  • The amount of bonus received will be equal to the initial bet multiplied by the number of rounds “caught: Usually in bookie, round 3 will be multiplied by 2 and round 4 will be multiplied by 3, continuing to calculate until round 5 or 6.
  • The person “submitted” will be considered dead Ace.
  • Individual “ Gục Tùng”

Those with “Tùng” will continue to participate in the show card in round 5. The winner is the last player and receives the winnings according to the following rules:

  • The payout is equal to the total bets of all players coming to the table.
  • The player who falls to Tung will be considered a dead Ace.

Note: “Gục Tùng” is counted when hitting the 4th round, the player still has no catch card.

Terms Of Catte Game Card 

  • “Tồn” : Refers to the last card played in each round
  • “Thiệp”: These are the cards the player has turned face down because there are no cards to follow.
  • “Gục Tùng” : When all 4 rounds the player has all the cards face down.
  • “Thắng Tùng”: is when there is a winner in a round that every time the other player “died” in that round. If you pass 4 rounds, you will be awarded a bonus.
  • Win all: The player wins at the beginning without playing because of the special cards.
  • “Show card”: Includes 2 cards used in round 5 and round 6.


The above article is a few sharing about the basic information of the Catte game card and the experience of playing Catte. Currently bookie is having a promotion for players who participate in playing Catte and there are many other attractive gifts. Hopefully the above information will contribute to helping players win when participating in Catte online!