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Baccarat is a casino gambling game that appeared in the 19th century. Initially this game served the French nobility, in the Napoleonic era and before legalizing casino gambling, the people of France used to play Baccarat at private betting venues. Later, Baccarat Banque was the first Baccarat form to appear. Next is Baccarat Punto Banco, in this variation the player is placed on “Player”, “Banker” and “tie”. And the Punto Banco variant has grown and been popular today.

When it comes to the Baccarat table, no matter how many people are on the table, the main goal of the game is to bet on the available options, which bet closest to the 9. Players will place bets before the hand starts – ie before the hand is dealt any amount from the minimum to the maximum of the deal. There are three betting options:

  • Banker
  • Player
  • Tie

The baccarat game is played from 6 to 8 complete decks of cards, each containing 52 cards. The numbers on the card are the points for that card, for Ace it is 1 point, the number 10 card and the cards count as 0 points. The maximum number of points is 9 points and the higher bet is the bet that wins. The dealer shuffles the cards and puts them in a box. This box will be played by the player counterclockwise around the table to rotate the transaction and each “player” can be a “banker”.

Best Online Baccarat

Currently, the casino market of Singapore and Malaysia is almost everywhere with the appearance of Baccarat betting, this game is simple and easy to play, each session is very fast and is played by many players, so it attracts a lot of players. people. It is up to the player to choose which reputable online casino to join in Baccarat.

For the Baccarat online version, after players place a bet on the bet box they want. The dealer will deal cards to the player, the cards will be dealt clockwise, the dealer and each player will have 2 cards.

If either hand has 8 or 9 points (that is the highest score) then the casino dealer stops providing the card. The value of the cards must be natural and depending on the number of points on each card the player is instructed on whether to draw a third card.

Playing Baccarat online, players only need to place a bet and place a bet. And once a bet has been placed there will be no chance for further decisions. Both Player and Banker are handled according to Baccarat Drawing Rules.

Between player and banker, whoever holds 2 to 3 cards with the closest score to 9 wins that side. Bets on Banker or Player will be returned if there is a tie.

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Baccarat Drawings Rules

There is no game that has a simple and automatic rule like Baccarat, an auto-allocation agent without players’ advice. 9 is the highest score for any Baccarat gambler. As mentioned above this game is allowed to select three betting boxes:

  • Player: If you bet on this box and win, you will win 1: 1
  • Banker: If the bet in this box wins, you also get 1: 1 but you will lose 5% of the commission for the house because Banker has some advantages over Player bet.
  • Tie: If you bet on this box and both sides have the same score, you will get 1 -8 or 9 depending on the rules of the house you choose to play.

The dealer deals cards in Baccarat in sequence:

  • Card 1 and card 3 are dealt to the Player
  • Card 2 and 4 are dealt to Banker.

Depending on the bet you have the right to draw different cards:

  • Player: If the total of 2 cards is from 0 to 5, you can draw 1 more card.
  • Banker:
  • If a total of 2 cards is between 0-2 and 1 card is drawn.
  • If the Player has a total of 3 points and the Player draws the card and draws an 8, then the Banker cannot draw more, the higher the player wins.
  • If the total of 3 points the Player draws for any card except the 8th card is allowed to draw 1 more card and then it will be compared.
  • If the total of 4 points the Player draws and draws 2,3,4,5,6,7, Banker draws another card and compares the score.
  • If the Player has drawn 4 points from any card other than the card number 2,3,4,5,6,7, Banker cannot draw, but must compare points.
  • If the Player draws 5 points, 5, 6 or 7, the Banker draws 1 more card, comparing points.
  • If 5 points the Player draws random cards #4, 5, 6, 7 then Banker stops drawing to compare the score.
  • If the Player draws 6 points and 7, Banker draws 1 more card and compares the score.
  • If 6 points from the Player draw any # 6, 7 cards then Banker stops drawing, comparing the points.
  • If 7 points are not drawn.
  • If 8 – 9 points then win naturally.

Result: The side with the higher total score wins with the maximum score of 9


Above is a brief article about the history of Baccarat formation, the development of Baccarat over time so far. Moreover, Baccarat currently not only appears in offline casinos, but most online sites in Singapore and Malaysia also have Baccarat presence. Like other games, when players start playing need to understand the rules and the basic rules. This article brings some useful knowledge about Baccarat to help players somewhat understand this online betting game.

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