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The interest and suspense of Baccarat has attracted many players. You can bet on three bets of Baccarat with the minimum and maximum amounts specified.

  • To ensure a smooth game, there are about 8 decks of cards.
  • Always prepare in advance for each card at certain points.
  • To start the game you must bet on “Player”, or “Banker” or “tie”.
  • Once all the bets are ready and ready, “Player” and “Banker” will receive two cards for each side.
  • The maximum number of points that can be reached is 9 points.
  • The 3rd card is not decided by two hands.
  • In the case of 8 or 9 points belonging to “Player” or “Banker” there will be a situation happening. If there is a natural appearance, a stand will belong to both hands.
  • For case 5 or less is the sum of all, then the “Player” must draw an extra card. However, if more, there are handstands.
  • “Banker” will get one more card if “Player” has a score of 6 or 7. Another situation will occur, “Banker” will have one more position if “Player” has 6 or 7 points.
  • “Banker” will be the deciding side whether to get the third card based on the total points available if the third card belongs to “Player”.
  • The final score of “Player” and “Banker” will be compared. The party with the higher score will win.

Baccarat Table

Below is an introduction to the Baccarat board.

The Baccarat board is divided into three parts, where the middle area for the croupier and the two ends on both sides are the same. This is the typical layout of a Baccarat board that players often see in casinos. It has the following main areas:

  • Croupier
  • Dealer
  • Dealer
  • Drop Box
  • Discard Trays
  • Tips box
Baccarat Table
Baccarat Table – Image : Google

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The numbers on the position correspond to 14 seats for players. No. 13 seat on the Baccarat table was disqualified because many people thought this was an unlucky number. Therefore, the number 15 will be the seat of the 14th player. The bets are located opposite the player. There are three betting options that gamblers must choose to bet: “Banker”, “Player”, “Tie”.

There are three dealers on the Baccarat table to serve the gamblers. Croupier, also known as Caller, is responsible for directing the game and monitoring the betting steps. Croupier stands between 1 to 15 players.

Next is the two Dealers will stand at No. 2 and No. 3. In front of each Dealer will be the number of players from 1 to 7 and from 8 to 15. The dealer will pay the amount of lost bets and win bets after each Bet for players. The boxes will mark the Croupier area and be used to track the amount each gambler owes to the house, along with the commission earned.

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