Football Tips & Predictions Juventus – Cagliari November 22, 2020.

Football Tips & Predictions Juventus – Cagliari November 22, 2020.

Juventus – Cagliari will have a fiery game at 2:45 on November 22, 2020 at Juventus Stadium. The home team is undoubtedly Juventus – and Cagliari is the away team. In this match, the home team has a lot of advantages. Currently, Juventus team owns 13 points and is ranked 5th in the group. This is not the result that the home team wants, so the upcoming match Juventus will win to climb to the top 3 of the group. On the away side, the team is underpowered with only 10 points and is ranked 11th on the standings. The away team is trying to reach the half of the group stage. So when facing a strong home team, holding a draw is what Cagliari should do.

Match Information Juventus – Cagliari

Round 8 of the Italian National Championship.

Time for the match: 2:45 am on 11/22/2020.

Stadium: Juventus.

Evaluation And Assessment Of The Match Result Between Juventus – Cagliari

In the last 5 matches, the home team has won 2 matches and got 3 draws. Because the number of draws is more than the win, the position of the home team on the table is not ideal. In the upcoming match, when meeting Cagliari, the goal of the home team is to win to reach the top 3 rankings. Juventus must also try harder to get a ticket to the European Cup.

On the away side, there are 3 wins and 2 losses in the last 5 matches. The visitors also want a breakthrough to compete at the top to win tickets to the C2 Cup at the end of the season. The opponent of the Juventus team is quite strong, the chance of winning is not high. Not to mention Juventus has home advantage, so it holds more wins than visitors.

After the tickets to the C1 and C2 cups, there are still many tough matches like the Euro Cup 2021 waiting for two teams to participate. So not only try to win this match to win, but any match must also put effort into, attack or defend depending on the case. Strategy and initiative in the match contribute to winning goal difference.

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Asian Handicap:

Football Tips & Predictions Juventus – Cagliari November 22, 2020.

Handicap the whole game for two teams: the home team accepts the away team 1.5 left. If you bet the home team and win, you get 92, lose 92; Away and win bets receive 85.

First half handicap between two teams: the home team accepts 0.75 left team. If the home team and the straight team bet, you will receive 88, lose 88; The away winner receives 76.

As analyzed above, the home team is much stronger than the away team. Moreover, the home team is in good form of betting, the team is physically and mentally good. In addition, their opponent is Cagliari – a team that is not appreciated in the upcoming match. Juventus has the ability to bring victory in terms of score. Therefore, the Asian handicap in the 1st half and the whole match should be for the home team.

Over /Under:

The Over/ Under between the two teams is 3.25 left. If you choose Over and win, you get 89, if you choose Under to win, you will get 99, if you lose, you lose 99.

The 1st half Over/ Under between the two teams is 1.5 left. If the Over option wins, you get 86, lose 86; choose Under wins to get 74.

Both the home and away teams are the teams that are likely to score this season. The upcoming match is expected to have many goals for the two teams because every team needs to increase points to consolidate their position. So Under / Over in the first half and the whole game should choose Over.

Roster Expected To Play On The Field Of Two Teams

Juventus: Wojciech Szczesny, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado Bello, Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini, Danilo Luiz da Silva, Aaron Ramsey, Arthur Henrique Ramos de Oliveira Melo, Adrien Rabiot, Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, Álvaro Morata, Federico Chiesa.

Cagliari: Alessio Cragno, Pancrazio Farago, Sebastian Walasiewicz, Ragnar Klavan, Charalambos Lykogiannis, Razvan Marin, Nahitan Michel Nandez Acosta, Fabrizio Caligara, Marko Rog, Joao Pedro Geraldino dos Santos Galvão, Giovanni Pablo Simeone.

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