What Is Over – Under? 888casinos.org Shows How To Play Over-Under In Football

In football, there are many different types of betting, for Asians, the most common type of betting used in betting is Over-Under. Through this article, 888casinos.org will guide readers to better understand Over-Under and how to play Over-Under.

First You Need To Know What Over-Under Means?

Over-Under is a type of betting, a predictable number for a match made by the dealer and a participant must bet either higher (Over) or lower (Under) that number.

Because the rules are extremely simple, many games can apply Over-Under but so. The bet only needs to give a number from the dealer and the participant only needs to guess higher or lower. In football, the total number of goals, cards, corners or total matches in a tennis game can be bet on Over-Under.

How To Play Over-Under In Football?

Many people play Over-Under when participating in football betting. Typically, the number given is the total number of goals in a match, if the player wants to bet Over then set the number higher than the number of goals and vice versa will set the lower number of goals if the bet is Under.

Example: In a football match with a score of 3: 2, the total number of goals is 5. If the player bets Over then bet the number is greater than 5 and no matter which team wins or loses, the team Which scored more goals. And vice versa, if the player wants to bet Under, then put the number less than 5.


  • In the event that the match has exactly 5 goals, no matter whether the player has Over or Under bets, the house will return the bet to you. Because you do not win nor lose.
  • In football, if the Over-Under bet of the whole match is only counted in the match and in extra time. Extra time and penalty shootouts do not count. In addition to betting on a match the house also organizes a separate in-game betting, or any minute in the match.

Over-Under Specific Cases In Football:

Odds are the numbers that the bookies make initially guesses before the player participates in the bet: 2; 2-2.5; 2.5; 2.5-3; 3 … Let’s find out 888casinos.org to find out what the odds of the kids mean?

  • Over- Under 1.5 goals:

Usually in the first or second half of the match you will see betting with this odds. That means betting to only count the result of a period:

  • Over wins if there are 2 goals in that half.
  • Under wins if there are only 1 or 0 goals in that half.
  • Over-Under 1 and 0.75 goals ( 1,75 goals):

For this species:

  • If the total number of goals is 3 or more, Over wins. Also, the player wins half of the amount if the number of goals is 2.
  • If the total is 1 or 0, Under wins. And the number of goals is 2, the player loses half the money.
  • Over- Under 2 goals:
  • Over wins when the total goals of the first match is greater than 2.
  • Under wins if the total is less than 2
  • Special case if the game has 2 goals then both Over and Under bets have money.
  • Over-Under 2 and ¼ ( 2.25 goals):

In addition to writing 2.25 the house also wrote 2-2.5, and the following are the cases that will occur when betting:

  • Over wins if there are 3 or more goals and if there are only 2 goals, then Over loses half the stake.
  • Under wins if the total is less than 2, when the total is 2, Under wins half of the money.
  • Over-Under 2.5 goals:

2- ½ is how the bookie often refers to this goal:

  • Over wins if the number of winning matches is 3 or more.
  • Under wins if the number of wins is 2 or less.
  • Over- Under 2 and ¾ goals:
  • Over wins if the total number of goals is 4 or more. And when the number of goals is 3, Over wins half the amount.
  • Under wins if the total is 2 or less. And when the number of goals is 3, Under loses half of the money.
  • Over-Under 3 goals:
  • Over wins if the total is more than 3.
  • Under wins if the total is less than 3.
  • Both Over – Under will return the stake if the total goal is equal to 3.

How To Bet Football Over-Under Online:

The first thing when you want to participate in any online game including Over-Under betting in football, you first need to have an account of the site you play. Once you have a betting account, you can join any bet available on the site you have chosen to register. You have many choices and proactively with each of your bets instead of having to go through intermediaries if playing traditionally outside.

888casino Singapore is one of the leading reputable bookmakers in the betting game market in Singapore and Malaysia. This is one of the best options for consumers with many advantages as well as benefits that players have.

Create An Account 888casinos.org:

With just a few simple steps, you can create an account to play Sportsbook on 888casino Singapore and you need to provide some basic information to set up your personal account.

Over-Under football betting at 888casino Singapore:

Once you have registered your account, you can start to place bets. There are many options for you, and Over-Under is one of those options. 

  • Each rafter has a different winning rate, for example, for 3.5-4 rafters, if you bet Over, win 0.91 but bet Under will win 0.99.
  • Normally, for low Over-Under markets, players will choose to play Over. And vice versa will choose to fight Under if it is Over-Under rafters.

How To Calculate Winnings:

The amount of interest you own is equal to the bet multiplied by the win rate

Example: You bet $ 10 on Over 3.5 Goals with a win rate of 0.7. If you win the bet, the payout is:

$ 10 + 10 x 0.7 = $ 17.

Some Experience When Betting Over-Under In Football:

  • If you are going to bet Over, wait the first 10 minutes of the match because the first 10 minutes usually have no goals. You will have a higher win rate.
  • You also need to choose the tournament, and the team playing, the team that plays Over is more likely to win and vice versa.
  • Be wary of 0-0 matches, intense matches usually don’t score in the first half, the more likely the end of the goal to appear. So consider when placing Over or Under

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