Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The World

Sports always get the attention of gamers around the world. Therefore, sports betting is one of the most popular gambling today. Most of the players who want to get big prizes easily, online sports betting Singapore is the best option. So, what are the most attractive betting sports today? Subscribe to this article for the best answer!

Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The World

1. Football.

Football has a simple game rule and is relatively easy to play. This makes football the most popular sport in the world, in terms of both live players and followers. The game consists of a player with two teams driving the ball towards the goal on the opponent’s field that appeared centuries ago, but it was not until the 19th century that football was actually developed in England along with The rules are relatively complete.

Football grows at a very fast pace and covers the planet so much that almost every city in the world now has one or several football teams of their own. Football is also attractive by the surprise to the last minute of every match. This is the only subject on this list that is not controversial, as it leads every statistical list whether it is by audience or player criteria.

Football betting is always an easier bet than many other sports. On the other hand, there are many online sport betting guides on this sport along with a large number of rafts for players to freely choose. It can be said that the love of the fans and the diversity in football is the fulcrum that helps this sport be a best choice.

2. Cricket.

The British Empire used to account for 23% of the land area worldwide, which has made the club with bat and ball grow in many places, especially in regions of the United Kingdom. Common Prosperity). Today it is most played in the countries of Oceania, the West Indies (Caribbean and North Atlantic), South Africa and the British Isles. This subject has a large fan base because it is popular in populous countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, United Kingdom.

Cricket consists of two teams of 11 players competing against each other, matches can be extended until the winner is determined. So many cricket matches take place until 5 days to end. This is one of the main features to distinguish this subject from baseball, besides the difference in the shape of the club and the players’ costumes.

As cricket matches can last long, notable tournaments around the world take place only between national teams or territories, with the number of matches being limited each year. England and India are currently the top teams in the world, followed by Australia and South Africa.

3. Hockey Pitch.

This is also a ball sport, and there are 11 players on each side. This sport has been developed since the 19th century in England and gradually became popular with the interest of 2 billion people around the world.

In North America, the number of female hockey players is overwhelming, but when it comes to global numbers, the number of male players is still the majority.

4. Tennis

 If you count only the subjects that take place between two players, tennis is the most popular sport on the planet. The game has a history dating back to the 14th century. Emperor Louis X of France even built his own indoor tennis court in the early 1400s. system of modern laws.

One of the main reasons why tennis is so popular is that it has never witnessed the complete domination of any single player or national. Over the past ten years, up to 14 different male and female players have held the top positions in the world, and they are representatives of eight different countries.

For a professional betting player, all the information you need to consider is the location of the match and the technique, the performance of one or several players involved. This makes it easier for players to predict the outcome than for information and to predict the progress of team sports.

Each year there will be four major tennis events taking place and other small events. So you can always bet on this sports game.

5. Volleyball

This is also a sport with relatively simple rules. The match may take place on grass, cement or sand.

Traditional volleyball no country really dominates completely, seeing many different countries won medals. Meanwhile, the United States and Brazil dominate the beach volleyball together, with an overwhelming number of titles.

For those who participate in volleyball betting, you need to know the most important factors as well as know your favorite team so that you can easily make the best decisions.

6. Table Tennis

This is the king of China, but it has also thrived in Europe and other Asian countries. It was born almost a century ago. Like football, the game grows large and fast thanks to its easy to play and inexpensive competition equipment.

Table tennis betting is also quite an attractive game for table tennis fans. At international competitions, China is still the number one power in this sport, especially in women’s content.

7. Baseball

Developed in England, baseball is still one of the sports with the most rules and quite complicated. Today baseball is the leader in the number of sports watching in Japan, and has become a national sport in several countries in Central and South America. Cuba was the leading force in this sport when it won many Olympic gold medals. Japan is also very strong when it has won two championships in three times of the World baseball Classics World Cup organized by the International Baseball Federation since 2006.

Baseball betting is one of the betting games exclusively for baseball fans. Players will definitely receive attractive bets as well as give yourself the best betting tips when participating in betting on baseball.

8. Golf

Golf has been around since the 13th century. But it wasn’t until the 1400s in Scotland that it developed into a true sport. This is probably the only sport that is still used as a venue for the birthplace. Old Course Course in St. Andrews (Scotland) has held golf events during the past 500 years.

Unlike most other sports, golfers never face each other directly on the course at the tournament, and there is almost no conflict or scuffle occurring in golf tournaments. Golf is developed mainly in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia.

Golf betting is a form of player betting on the house for golf. Accordingly, the way of playing and scoring of golf is quite complicated with many categories; most golfers who complete 18 holes with fewer strokes will win. Golf betting forms are gradually becoming popular in the world.

9. Basketball

A sports game that is also very popular when betting on basketball.

The game was developed in the United States in the late 19th century, and Americans dominated basketball throughout the first century after its birth. So far, several other countries have introduced some world-class talents such as Lithuania, Argentina and Australia.

The rapid urbanization has contributed to the increasing popularity of basketball on a global scale, because it is one of the few sports that can be played in small spaces. National leagues in Greece, Israel and Japan can now attract some American basketball players who are past peak times or unable to compete for a place in the NBA tournament. In addition, many talents from countries such as Germany, France, Spain and Canada have also made a mark in the NBA tournament, including some of them also won the title of the best player in the tournament.

10. Boxing 

Boxing is a fighting sport between two players of Western origin. Boxing players will use the punch combined movement of the whole body. This sport is present in major tournaments around the world, including the Olympic.

This sport is loved in betting because of the tension it brings. In addition, this is also a fairly predictable sport when you just need to grasp the achievements and performance of two boxers on the field to give high accuracy results.


This is the list of top 10 most popular sports in the world and the betting odds of each sport that you need to know. Hopefully, you will have more chances to win when placing a bet in an online sports betting. So, playing sports betting is an indispensable array of betting for any house edge. Besides selecting games, you should also learn about betting tips from reliable online casinos to improve your betting ability like Once equipped with enough weapons, you can freely bet any sports betting game on the gambling market.

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