The Top 10 Most Famous Racehorses Of All Time

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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports betting, whether in Asia or Europe, through many different eras. Until now, horse racing is still popular with many players. Racecourse is still regularly held and many people come and watch as betting based on the information from the match.

Besides, horse racing game gives readers as well as impressive players. More precisely, the memorable names of the matches, the images of the good horses, the famous horse races, and the great performances from the horses also make the viewers have many memorable memories. .

Usually the glorious trophies are retracted, narrowed down and given a list of the top faces. This article is about the 10 best racehorses that have been heatedly discussed for generations.

Of course, to get the list below, it is not simply a subjective opinion of a person but a whole process of tracking, the races taking place, being recorded, and there are many comparisons. system before and after. Although comparisons of horses from different generations are difficult.

The famous horse designers of all time were the owners of good horses, famous and praised by many. So what is the limit or requirement to prove a good horse, based on what characteristics? Based on the amount won after each race, or the number of prizes received or compliments from the participants and track the match? All figures based on many aspects are recorded. Invincible animals, big victories and achievements and longevity, from which the list of the 10 most famous horses of all time is proposed. There will be a few names that readers don’t know yet, but that’s not the point. Because this is a selected list, the most mainstream research.

 1. Secretariat

Borned: 1970

Sex: Colt / Stallion

Bred: USA

Goal: 21 ( 16-3-1)

Earmings: $1,316.808

To make it easier to name and identify on the track, any horse that is put into training and competition has its own name, or nickname. Secretariat is nicknamed “Big Red”. Big Red became famous in 1973, when it competed in the Triple Crown in the United States and won a grand prize that outperformed other horses.

For a famous horse like Big Red, racing time is not to be missed. It is set age and track activity for 3 years at a young age. Big Red is famous for its exceptional winning margin of 31 seconds at the Battle of Belmont Stakes – one of the major matches held at the Triple Crown event.

In previous matches at the Triple Crown event in previous periods, there were many superior horses, but Big red is indeed the horse that made the greatest achievement ever, and since its name was given Known, no horse can catch it yet.

Secretariat is considered to be the champion in the juvenile age of the horse. And in American Horse in 1972 and 1973, it was awarded the top prize. Secretariat became more famous and more popular when he won the Marlboro Cup one of the world records. The amount that Secretariat earned surpassed $ 1,000,000.

2. Man o’War

Borned: 1917

Sex: Colt/ Stallion

Bred: USA

Goal: 21 ( 20-1-0)

Earning:  $3,200,000 today

Although not crowned for the US Triple Crown, Man o’War is still an outstanding horse when he has won almost every match except for a single match and his score is 21 points, a nice number that not every horse can take home.

Man o’War is a horse with an outstanding temperament. It was strong and decisively acted as a sailor in the Royal fleet. Man o’War is credited as the animal that revived the sport in North America during the turbulent war.

Man o’War has a great influence right where it lives, not to mention the part of purebred horses. Man o’war competed and surpassed even the War Admiral – this was Man o’War’s father in the Triple Crown and Battleship

3. Seattle Slew

Borned: 1974

Sex: Colt/ Stallion

Bred: USa

Goal: 17 ( 14-2-0)

Earnings: $1,208,726

Before 2018 the Seattle Slew was still the only horse to win the Triple Crown of Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes without losing a single goal before. What’s more, it was one of the famous American horses in 1977, when it was only three years old.

Seattle Slew must be a strong horse, because he not only fights on the track but he also fights sickness to overcome. After returning to the track, Seattle Slew went on to break the world record with 2-fifths of the race and received the Marlboro Cup.

The Seattle Slew has influences on North American horse racing, its return and popularity appeals to both Lemon Slewmania. It has captured the public’s interest in more than a golden era of horse racing in the United States.

4. Winx

Borned: 2011

Sex: Filly/ Mare

Bred: Australia

Goal: 43( 37-3-0)

Earnings: A$26,241,176

The name Winx can only be described by the phrase wonder-mare. This is a strong and stable mare standing alone as the winner of the races. The success that Winx achieved is 25 successes in Class 1 / Group 1, the world record.

In 2017 Winx were one of only three horses to be led to the hall and to be named in the Australian race while still being trained. Compared to the horses in the Southern Hemisphere, Winx earn the most bonuses.

Perhaps Winx is one of the rare mares to win four consecutive Cox arrays at Moonee Valley. This is really a big record. For four consecutive years from 2015-2016 to 2018-2019, Winx were awarded the race champion – a major trophy of the Australian Horse.

5. Kelso

Borned: 1957

Sex: Gelding

Bred: USA

Goal: 63( 39-12-2)

Earnings: $1,977,896

Although in 1960 Kelso missed the Triple Crown match in the United States, it did not affect his reputation and career. Compared to other horses Kelso was a long-lived fighting horse that surprised the listener. Despite his young age, Kelso defeated many of the Hall of Famers aged over 20 centuries as thoroughbred horses.

Kelso did not go through the Triple Crown competition but it was still considered a champion, and received the award. It has won 5 times in a row at the Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont Park. This is indeed the most successful horse in history compared to the age that it owns.

Moreover, Kelso received the American Racehorse title awards from 1960 to 1964. And Kelso himself was awarded an old male horse from 1961 to 1964.

6. Makybe Diva

Foaled: 1999

Bred: England

Sex: Filly/Mare

Record: 36( 15-4-3)

Earnings: A$14,526,685

Makybe Diva was a mare bred and born in England, but then it was brought to Australia, and wherever she lived, Makybe Diva became a legend.

In the famous race that has attracted many horse racing viewers around the world, no horse has received many trophies with the Makybe Diva. It received the Melbourne cup for three consecutive years from 2004 to 2006.

Compared to the other famous horses it may not have been too outstanding in terms of performance but this was the most important horse at Flemington at the time. Makybe Diva successfully completed the rare Cox and Melbourne Cup brace in 2005. Becoming the 7th horse in history to achieve that. And it was also named the Australian champion three times in 2004 to 2006. In addition to the horse racing in 2005 and 2006 it also won.

7. Zenyatta

Foaled: 2004

Bred: USA

Sex: Filly/Mare

Record: 20( 19-1-0)

Earnings: $7,304,580

Zenyatta was purchased for $ 60,000 when Sports ILLustrated was voted the best film of all time. Since then, Zenyatta’s career began to change dramatically, with 19 successful out of 20 times she participated in the competition.

In 2008 and 2009 Zenyatta won the match when it came back to the competition and won the Breeders Cup and scored a Distaff goal against his teammates. As one of the 3-year-old mares to win many, Zenyatta was awarded the US horse of 2010 and only had one defeat before he retired.

8. Hurricane Fly

Foaled: 2004

Bred: Ireland

Sex: Gelding

Goal: 42( 26-5-4)

Earning: £1,894,422

Hurricane Fly from the British Isles, famous for horse racing is one of the great and famous stars not only in the land it lives in but also across the Atlantic.

At first Hurricane Fly was trained in France and then returned to Ireland when he joined and Willie Mullins and began to have a reputation in the horse racing. This comeback Hurricane Fly is shown full potential of themselves.

Over the course of his own life Hurricane Fly has won 22 level 1 hurdles, starting with 32 different obstacles. Compared to the victory of other horses, this achievement was a world record at the time in the equestrian sport world.

At the time of 2013, right at the Cheltenham festival, Hurricane Fly won the Champion Hurdle and after more than 38 years, Hurricane Fly was the horse that won the prize after 38 years. In addition, Hurricane Fly won 5 consecutive victories at the Irish race in 2011-2015.

Not only that, Hurricane Fly is also an important person, holding a big victory in the Punchestown race four times in a row in 2010-2013.

9. Black Caviar

Borned: 2006

Vred: Australia 

Sex: Filly/Mare

Goal: 25( 25-0-0)

Earnings: $7,953,936

During the early years of his career on the track, the Black Caviar encountered a number of failures, and that unfortunate stems from the Black Caviar being turned into a sprint athlete over a long period of time since. 2009 to 2013.

Until later when the Royal Ascot race – one of the top matches in the United Kingdom, the Black Caviar won after many years of fighting in 2012. During that time around 2011 to 2013, the Black Caviar also received the crown champion at Sprinter of Australia.

Also in 2012, although the Sprinter championship was in Europe and there was only one race in the Northern Hemisphere, Black Caviar was still awarded for expressing his admiration for the achievement. Judging by the list of races, it is calculated that over 60% of Black Caviar’s victory belongs to Tier 1 matches.

10. Kincsem

Foaled: 1874

Bred: Hungary (Austria-Hungary)

Sex: Filly/Mare

Record: 54: 54-0-0

Earnings: 379,805 German Goldmark

In the years 1876 to 1879 Kincsem encountered several failures after setting a world record chain a total of 54 runs. Of the seven races in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, England and France, Kincsem all won.

Her racetrack career peaked in the 1878s, winning the Goodwood Cup and Grand Prix de Deauville and Grosser Preis von Baden in just a few short weeks.

Compared to other horses, Kincsem came to victory very quickly after only 3 times having achieved a record. Kincsem’s success is increasingly evident and famous throughout the horse racing world to this day. 


Over the years, horse racing was not forgotten, but much more developed. Many people who love this sport often go to the racetrack to watch and bet. Information about good horses is still recorded and compared through different stages. Currently, in order to meet the needs of viewers as well as betting players, without having to go to the arena, players can rely on the information provided by online casinos, and place bets at the casino. Posts. Most online casinos now offer sports betting and horse racing is a subject not to be missed. Hurry up to to bet and get great deals.

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