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Sicbo is a game originating from China, it is also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu. In China initially Sicbo was played by the lower classes, who used bricks and 2 plates and 2 bowls to create a game set. Later, over time, Sicbo grew more and was replaced by dice. In a Sicbo set, there will be 3 dice, and this is a game of chance with no intervention or influence from the previous round. Today, this game is played a lot in Asia especially in casinos in Singapore and Malaysia.

A Little History of Sicbo

Sicbo History

In the west, in 2002, Sicbo first appeared in the United States. Martial artists were the first to play Sicbo in the west. However, they did not play it according to the original Asian rules, but they played their own style. Some places use things like rocks or shells to carve numbers into play. Later, in each region variations according to a different type. Since the appearance of the dice, Sicbo has become uniform.

This game is based entirely on luck. Players around the world have figured out how to play, who participates in the bet will choose the winning number after each dice shake, which number appears on the last dice and who guesses the correct number, who That won.

How is it Played?

This game is actually really simple. The purpose of the game is that the player participates in guessing a number or a combination of 3 numbers and these numbers match the numbers on the dice after being rolled, the player wins. The Sicbo board shows the full number of players, the amount and the winning numbers. The winning number that can be 1 of the three dice displayed can also be a combination of those 3 numbers.

Actual Playing of the game

To start the game, the player places chips on the dice board and starts placing bets. The player then guesses the result, and the croupier will shake the dice. If the player guesses correctly the number is synonymous with the player who won and will win the prize in accordance with the original bet.

In Vegas casinos, dice used to be shaken mechanically and numbers were stored by computers. And this is a completely legal game, it was allowed to play first in casinos in the UK.

And up to now this is a popular game all over the world, not only except for the offline version which means that Sic bo is present in traditional casinos, now appearing in all online casinos. online and a lot of people love it.

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