Sic Bo – Play Sic bo Online At Singapore Online Casino

Play Online SicBo At Singapore Online Casino
Play Online Sicbo At Singapore Online Casino

Sicbo is a famous betting game started in Asia, later popular and joined, Sicbo has appeared more in European casinos and everywhere in the world. This is a dice game, has extremely simple rules. Today, Sicbo appears almost all large and small casinos, Singaporeans love this game, whether on land or online casinos, it is still popular with people from both countries of Singapore and Malaysia welcome. A few other small sites have the presence of this game variation, but generally no matter what the variant, Sicbo still upholds its general principles.

Sic Bo Bets

On a standard Sicbo table there will be many different betting options. There are a total of 6 main bet types, the odds and the ability to place bets will vary from bet to type. Among the different casinos, the payout for Sicbo bets is not the same, there are a few small changes. However, what you read below will be the most popular odds for Sicbo right now.

Any Number

The result of this betting option is in a number from 1 to 6. The player wins if the next round appears at least one correct number. The odds of this type of Sicbo are 1: 1 when a matched number appears, 2: 1 if there are 2 matches and 3: 1 if the player has three matching dice.

Two-Dice Combinations

This is a type of Sicbo that combines two dice together and is valid when the dice are shaken three times. The normal rate of expenditure of this type of Sicbo is 8: 1.


Whenever all three dice appear on the same number, this is the Sicbo bet type to pay. Therefore, there are possibilities to bet as follows: 3 1s, 3 2s, 3 3s, 3 4s, 3 5s and 3 6s. The payout ratio for any triple combination is 150: 1.

Any Triple

This is the Sicbo type when there are any 6 specific 3 combinations. The normal rate of expenditure of this type of Sicbo is 24: 1.


There are 14 different betting options to appear in this Sicbo bet type. These options are based on the possible number combination of 3 dice. The payout for this Sicbo bet is from 6: 1 to 50: 1. This is the most common bet type in most tables.

3 Dice TotalPayout3 Dice TotalPayout


This Sicbo bet type is based on rules:

  • Small: when a total of three dice is between 4 and 10.
  • Big: Sum of three dice numbers from 11 to 17.

The payout for this Sicbo bet is 1: 1.


A sum of 3 dice that can appear on an even side, can also appear on an odd side. This bet type is applied in the same way as Big / Small bets. However, if the dice roll with a triple, any odd or even side bets will lose. The payout for this bet is 1: 1. Players should note that this type of betting option is not available on all Sicbo tables.

How To play Sic bo

At first glance, first-time players may find it difficult. For them the Sicbo board seems confusing. However, this game is really easy, simpler than Blackjack or Poker. The dealer will throw three dice and the player’s main purpose is to predict the exact outcome of a particular dice.

Different from other betting games, for Sicbo, a player may be different amounts of money on the Sicbo table instead of betting only one side at a time. In addition, there are bright spots on the Sicbo table when the player wins a bet or places a specific bet on a specific dice. This helps players pay attention to the points to note without having to remember all the details on the board including odds and different payments.

Payouts And Odds

The odds associated with a particular bet make up the payments in Sicbo. The harder the odds are, the higher the payouts will be. If the result is the last digit coincides with the number that the player has bet, then the player wins the bet. The payout ratio also varies depending on the big or small bets of 1: 1 to 150: 1.

The Sic Bo Rules

The rules of Sicbo are extremely simple. The game consists of 3 dice. Players bet by betting possible outcomes on a dice. The betting action is calculated according to the law when the player chooses the chips and places the chips in the appropriate area with his / her betting options on the board.

After the player places their bets on the board one after another, the croupier will move around the cork to shake the dice where there are already three dice. Three dice will roll until they stop completely, and the dice will show a winning number. Then on the Sicbo board the winning areas will light up.

Sicbo is also a casino game and a game of high luck. There is no strategy to influence the outcome of the dice. Note that when playing Sicbo, players should choose the best betting options.

Playing Sic Bo Online

The popularity of Sicbo is not only reflected in land based casinos, but also in online casinos. Players can participate in playing Sicbo by registering an account on an online channel. In terms of game rules, Sicbo online is no different from Sicbo in land based casinos. Players only need to deposit when participating in the game. In fact, Sicbo online has many better deals and odds than Sicbo on the mainland.

Sic Bo Strategy

Players should note that all betting options have a corresponding house edge in the Sicbo game. Compared to Sicbo players, the house is a measure of the casino’s inherent automated advantage. On the Sicbo table, the house edge varies from 2.78% to more than 30%.

There is one thing that players need to look at reality before joining is that Sicbo is a game of extremely high chance. And it is impossible to predict the outcome of the dice. The bookmakers ensure that it is fair to all players that there will be no bias in the dice, no tendency to favor a specific number or set of numbers.

Best Sic Bo Strategy For The Long Term

Players should choose the betting options with the lowest house edge if the player intends to participate in Sicbo betting for a long time. Because of these betting options, long-term betting will result in low payouts. More specifically, this option will give players a better chance of winning.

There are two betting options for players over the long term: small and large. No matter which of the two betting options players choose, the house edge is 2.78%. There are also other options for players to bet on odd bets and home odds of 2.78%.

Low -Risk Strategy For Sic Bo

This low betting strategy is suitable for players who prefer to be safe, not adventurous. Players will choose to bet with a low edge from the house. Besides, players can also combine with many different Big and Small betting options.

If a player wants to try another variant of Sicbo, the player must spend 15 Sicbo betting units and place the bets together. After winning two or three consecutive games, the sincere advice is that the player should not continue to bet but stop before the 15 betting units have been used up.

Medium-Risk Strategy For Sicbo

For players who just want to risk in betting and want to have the opportunity to remove capital to win, this is a perfectly suitable strategy. This strategy also requires players to combine bets together within a certain range to bring victory.

The reason players choose this betting strategy is because it offers a high chance of winning by combining the bets together to produce 4 results right in each roll of the dice. However, because of the high chance of producing 4 results each time, if you lose, the player also loses 4 times more than normal. Along with the risk in this strategy, if the player wins, it will win big but the risk is not small.

High-Risk Strategy For SicBo

In addition to the above two betting strategies, players in Singapore regularly bet Sicbo with a high-risk strategy. Players will bet on the highest payout offer and expect to win the highest results when placing a bet. Since this is the strategy with the highest payout ratio, in a particular case the player must bet three times.

Based on the payout amount, the casino’s house gives bets three times. The odds on a case-by-case basis can range from 30.09% if the payout is 150: 1 and 16.2% if the payout is 180: 1.

An Important Reminder On Sic Bo Probabilities

According to some players’ perceptions, every 5 winning big bets will win 1 Small bet. So many people often adopt this strategy. But in fact it was a mistake of Sicbo players with the tendency to repair many models. And players can not always encounter the same situation as above, if applying the above betting strategy, the accuracy will not be high and the player is very likely to lose.

Each time the dice are shaken a random times, and those times shook not depend on the rotation, and not related to each other. This shows that the results of each roll did not affect each other and the resulting numbers from the dice were not affected by any previous and subsequent shakes.

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