The Unique Fish Table Games Strategies And Tips

Online fish table game has become the most searched term on the gambling websites. This means that fish table games are one of the most popular betting games at that time. The fascinating features of this game have been very successful in attracting players to the enchanting online entertainment world. The multi-platform nature of the game developed by leading software providers also allows players to access and enjoy great gadgets with just one device connected to the Internet.

However, there are many players who lose this game in the first 15 minutes while there are those who easily win big prizes. The difference between these two types of players is how to play and how to apply the tricks to their game. 

So, if you want to win in the most easy and perfect way, the advice for you is to learn the rules, tips or strategies carefully before participating in an online shooting fish game. In order to answer your question “How to win money at fish tables?”, the article below will show you the collection of fish table game tips and strategies for all members who are joining this game at 888casino Singapore . Let’s check it now!

First and foremost, you should know “how to play fish table games?”

how to win money at fish tables

How To Play Fish Table Games?

In order to play a fish table game, you need to know the simple rules: 

All you need to do is to register an account, fund your account to buy coins, as long as you buy enough coins, you can participate in playing fish anywhere with your Internet-connected devices. Then just press start, reload and start going hunting.

This game is extremely simple and the rules are easy to understand, so it is suitable for people of all ages. There are many types of bullets to choose from depending on your bet on the game.

Most traditional shooting fish games or online fish table games have a fair algorithm established for all players. So, it can not distinguish between new players and experienced players. Therefore, learn more tips and play tactics to easily win huge prizes!

Fish Tables Game Tips 

In order to know how to win money at fish tables, you should learn by heart some fish table tips below: 

Shooting Fish Individually  

On the screen there will be a lot of fish, in addition to the group fish, targeting the individual fish is one of the good tips for you. Use a two-cent bullet to kill fish that swim alone, as it has no spread and is suitable to kill a fish. For medium-sized large fish that appear on the screen, you just need to use this type of bullets and aim continuously at it. However, when you have used up to 5 bullets for a fish and still have not killed it, stop it because the more you shoot now, the more bullets and fish will not die.

Shooting Group Of Fish 

Shooting group of fish will be easier to use than a shoot fish individual tip. When encountering a group of fish, let’s use 4-5 coins to shoot at the school of fish. If you see a group of medium sized fish passing by, aim at the middle of the fish group, each will earn you 5 coins. 

However, remember that there is a larger fish swimming around to block the line of bullets, so you need to pay attention, wait for the opportunity and aim accurately.

Shooting Big Fish And Shark

This tip is only for experienced players or those with a lot of money and investment in this game with a high capital rate. Meanwhile, you do not need to hunt small fish that appear small but instead destroy the big fish like sharks or fairies. To destroy this fish, you should use the highest level of ammunition, if successful, you will receive 100 to 200 coins for each shot. You will be the ocean hegemony when using this shot in online fish table games.

Choosing The Strongest Bullets

You will get the highest rewards if you use the most effective, highest, strongest bullets. However, you should know how to use bullets appropriately for each type of fish you destroy. Remember, you use money to reload, so avoid wasting bullets!

Shooting Headshot! 

For this way, the player should use a large bullet and must kill fish worth more than 5 coins. But these fish are usually very strong, so wait for the fish to appear thicker or overlap before aiming.

Pay Attention To The Points Of Each Type Of Fish

Each shooting fish game has its own method of calculating points, but overall there are still 1, 2, 4, 7, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 100. Remember that do not take the fish with more points and the less points fish have, the easier it is. 

Practice Hard

To be able to accumulate more experience and easily upgrade, players should practice shooting regularly. You can participate in the shooting fish game with the free demo version of 888casino Singapore only with mobile devices with internet connection without having to download or register. This is an opportunity for you to improve your level and learn more about this game.

how to win money at fish tables

Fish Table Game Strategies

As mentioned above, the strategies play an important role in fish table games. Knowing the fish game strategies, victory will be at your hands. Let’s be with 888casino Singapore and learn about the best strategies using shooting fish games! 

Strategy Played By Slowly Shooting

Focus on destroying the fish which are your target by shooting slowly instead of shooting large fish with many people. Because when the target dies, of course, the bonuses and its value belong to you and you only need a few bullets to destroy it. While if you chase a big fish which is being shot by a lot of people, the risk of losing will be very high and you will consume a quite big amount of bullets.

This is exactly what you should do when you shoot big fish such as rays, sharks or mermaids. You can also combine this strategy with the tactics of increasing bullets. If you’re lucky, you can win significantly in the first few minutes. 

Apply Mustache Strategy 

Most of the players who are beginners into the shooting fish game are focusing on destroying the big fish to get a reward but leaving the small fish swimming around. But this is the wrong approach and the player using this approach is no different from accepting the risk themselves.

If the fish you shoot does not die, you will get some pretty big points as well as lose money from the fish killed by stray bullets. The bulletfish are the fish suddenly hit by a bullet, they can be small fish or even mermaids.

Then you can take advantage of the small corners of the fish table to kill these fish more easily. The gambling fish table cheats you can apply as follows:

– You use the gun barrel to rotate continuously around the table, then shoot one by one so that 2 bullets  so that two bullets do not go in the same direction. If you put 2 bullets in the same direction, then both will only hit 1 bullet and you will lose an injustice bullet.

– A tip for you to be able to adjust the 2 bullets in 2 directions is to shoot slowly. Meanwhile, each bullet will hit a fish. If the target is a big fish, you should focus on shooting 2 or 3 more bullets. Remember to have the mustache back and forth to the position for the best results.

The advantage of this strategy is that the probability of fish being destroyed is huge. Because the bullets you shoot will not only hit one but will also hit many other fish. Along with the way to shoot 2,3 or 10 more bullets for large fish, the ability to shoot and kill fish is higher than other players.

Gradually Increase Ammo Strategy

This fish game strategy is often used in the extra round. In this round, the fish will appear horizontally on the screen, then you should apply the strategy of increasing bullets.

The rule of this strategy is if you kill two fish, the third one will be destroyed. If you shoot 5 bullets and take down the first 2 fish and the last one costs 100 bullets, the probability of dead fish is definitely high. Besides, the rule of shooting big fish, especially mermaids, is that you should not shoot more than 40 bullets, the total number of dead fish will be multiplied by 50, so if you shoot more than 50 bullets, this investment has gone to whole results.

Using Ballpoint Strategy

The effect of this strategy is to shoot multiple bullets at the fish at the same time.


When you shoot a few bullets at the wall, those bullets will bounce back to the fish. While that bullet has not hit the fish you are aiming for, keep shooting directly at that fish. Meanwhile, the fish will be directly affected between the two bullets at the same time, thus, the probability of dead fish will be higher. However, this strategy will cost you a lot of bullets compared to others, but it is quite effective if the fish moves into the corner of the fish table.


To be able to win the fish table game is a process of effort. You must not only understand the rules of the game, but also have to combine many other factors such as gambling fish table cheats, experience, strategies, capital, luck, and calculation and reasoning to be able to accurately shoot. The above are tips that 888casino Singapore provides you. Hope you can apply to your upcoming shooting fish games and have more opportunities to get the big rewards. Good luck! 

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