How To Send Bitcoin To Online Casinos

How To Send Bitcoin To Online Casinos

Except for the use of credit instead of real money in online betting. Currently, players have another way to store virtual money for betting is Bitcoin. Although appearing not long ago, the value of Bitcoin has increased markedly. Moreover, users also prefer this type of form. The main thing is because when participating in the use of cryptocurrencies, accompanied by blockchain technology, account holders can remain anonymous. No matter where the form is played, personal information must be kept safe. Users will obviously choose a technology that helps them remain anonymous. So when used, no one knows how much money the account holder uses, where that money is spent.

Many card players in Singapore are turning to playing online casino games in Singapore with Bitcoin, or other similar cryptocurrencies. Players will own some Bitcoin before sending and need to have a link in their bank account or credit card to be able to exchange or trade Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies are accepted by Singapore online casinos

Most online casinos in Singapore currently accept payment and use of Bitcoin money. Besides, there are other cryptocurrencies that attract players such as BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Ripple, Stellar ans. Here are three casinos that accept all cryptocurrencies and are heavily used by Singaporean players:

  • King Billy
  • PlayAmo
  • Bitstarz

Besides, the demand of players is increasing. Psychology of players will choose what is convenient for themselves and when encountering this virtual currency no one can ignore. There are and many casinos are turning to using virtual money, so it is convenient for players that casinos can also increase revenue.

How to own an account using Bitcoin

  • Step 1: Create an account at a Bitcoin exchange

First, the player needs to find a reputable exchange and open an account at that exchange. There are currently two player options that and play. Players should open accounts at these two exchanges, and can even buy and sell Bitcoin on a peer-to-peer basis. According to the data at the present time, a Bitcoin has a transaction price of about $ 450.

  • Step 2: Create a Bitcoin wallet.

An extremely important step that cannot be missed, immediately after buying Bitcoin, players need to transfer the amount of Bitcoin they have purchased to an intermediary wallet like Then create for themselves a Bitcoin wallet. After completing this step, players are allowed to transfer and receive money at any site in the world, provided that the site accepts Bitcoin. There are many users who have experienced and responded well to this. Therefore, if you want to play live and transfer directly at Singapore online casino websites, you cannot skip this step.

  • Step 3: Sponsor wallet.

Once you have your own Bitcoin account, players need to log in then exchange where they have bought and deposited Bitcoin in the wallet they just created. In addition, in order to do this, the player must get the address and personal information to identify the subject. The address that users provide is a sequence of numbers and letters and is usually labeled. Please copy the address and paste it into your trading account when needed.

  • Step 4: Transfer

Once Bitcoin has been deposited into a user’s wallet, users can use Bitcoin anywhere in the world. The easiest way is to log into your casino website then go to the cashier and choose Bitcoin. Casinos that accept Bitcoin will display the player’s address number. The need for an address is so players can copy and paste the address into their Bitcoin wallet and use the amount they want.

Then, if necessary, the player should follow the steps in reverse to withdraw Bitcoin from the online account and transfer it back to the wallet and the final exchange wallet back to the player’s own bank.


The use of Bitcoin money has only been taking place recently, but because of its profitability, many online casinos can be applied. one of the famous online casinos in Singapore briefly introduced how to create and use Bitcoin accounts in betting, players can refer to and apply as needed.

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