How to play Rabit In The Hat Slot Game

What is Rabit In The Hat Slot Game?

Rabbit In The Hat slot game is a fun, engaging, magic-themed game based on classic magic shows. The setting of the game is a magic show on a big stage. High quality graphics with animations from rabbits and magicians bring the performance stage to life. Learn about this game with

The icons used in the Rabbit In The Hat slot game are very relevant to the theme. It is the image of a rabbit, magician’s hat, beautiful assistant, magician with wand in hand, chest, target circle, locked water tank, … and card images West. The Wild symbol is the image of the hat.

Rabbit In The Hat slot game features

Magic Hat Features

  • When hitting the wild symbol under any hat, the player will be awarded the prize of that hat.
  • Changing the bet will clear the entire cone.
  • The cone position will be saved according to the bet.
  • Each spin can be rewarded with multiple prizes.
  • On each spin, the entire cone will jump to a left reel.
  • If any cone goes to the leftmost reel without a prize, that cone is discarded on the next spin. 

The magic hats created by the magician in the Rabbit In The Hat slot game will have different features. These mysterious features will be triggered when the Wild symbol also appears on the same reel.

  • The Wild Reel Hat will trigger the Wild expansion on the reels, the reels will be completely comprised of the Wild symbol. This feature can expand the Wild to up to 3 reels.
  • The Cash Hat when activated will award a random cash prize directly to the player.
  • The free spins hat will trigger the free spins, you will get 10 free spins at the start of the feature. You can get another 10 free spins if you re-trigger this feature.
  • The Mystery Hat (marked with ?) will randomly trigger one of the above features if it combines with the Wild magic hat on the same reel. 

Main game

  • 1 of 4 different hats can appear on reels 5.
  • Players can be rewarded with up to 50 free spins.

Free Spins

  • Win up to 90,000.00
  • Free spins start with a cone on each reel.
  • During each spin, a random hat will be added on the 5th reel.
  • The free spins cone can re-trigger up to 10 free spins.
  • After the free spins, the main game will return to the active state.

Payment symbols

Target circle150.0025.007.50
Locked water tank125.0012.506.25
  • The wild symbol will replace all symbols.
  • Only the highest winnings are paid in line.
  • All winnings are paid out from left to right.
  • All winnings are multiplied by the line bet.


Trên đây là những thông tin cần biết về slot game. Here’s what you need to know about slot games. In addition, you can find out more exciting games at online casinos like Loony Blox Slot Game or Frontier Fortune. Are you ready to become a magician and deliver top notch performances?. Are you ready to become a magician and deliver top notch performances?