How To Play Domino QQ At Online Casino

Domino QQ is a group of tile games played with pieces. This game is currently offered at many online casino. The number of players participating in Domino QQ is increasing, proving it has great appeal. Join to learn about Domino QQ, its advantages, bets and tips to win.

What Is Domino QQ?

Domino QQ is a mind game between players. This game has a combination of Domino and Poker. Domino QQ, produced by game publisher GamePlay Interactive, is now widely welcomed at online casinos.

Domino QQ uses tiles with two upper and lower parts, players will compete directly against each other. The system will randomly select a leader. Tiles are divided among people in turn, each person owns 3 tiles. Based on the total score of 3 divided tiles, the result of who wins the bet will be determined.

How To Play Domino QQ At

  • Domino Game Rules

There is a maximum of 6 players per game of Domino QQ. Each player owns 3 tiles and starts the first challenge round. Depending on the selection, the player can increase the bet and have up to 6 commands to choose from as a test:

  • Check : Players do not bet more, only see their own tiles.
  • Call: The player calls and raises the bet with the amount that the previous player chose to raise.
  • Fold: The player stops the game, accepting the loss of all bets.
  • Increase bet: Based on the amount of bets on the table, the player increases the bet amount accordingly.
  • All Raise : Bet the entire amount available.
  • Maximum Bet: The bet amount is increased to the maximum at the table.

The player is dealt an extra tile in the first betting round. Next, the second round of betting challenges is conducted in the same way as round 1.

All non-fold players will be able to open the tile and compare the scores with each other. The player who wins is the one with the highest tile combination, and wins the bet pool.

  • How To Calculate Point Of Dominoes QQ

There are a total of 28 Domino tiles, they are divided into 2 parts above and below. The score is calculated based on the tile’s buttons. In case the total number of nodes is greater than or equal to 10, points are calculated in units.

  • How To Compare Tile Of Dominoes QQ

The player arranges 4 tiles into 2 left tiles and 2 right tiles, provided that the left tile has the highest score. Next, the players will compare the points on the tiles to determine the winner and loser.

  • The tiles on the left will be compared first, the winner is the one with the highest score, no need to compare the cards on the right.
  • Tiles on the right continue to be compared if the points on the left are equal. Then whoever has the highest score on the right will win.
  • If the score on the right hand continues to be equal, the player compares the score of the highest tile among the 4 tiles. If the number of points is still equal, then compare to the top of the tile with the highest score.

Tips To Play Domino QQ At

To increase the probability of winning in the Domino QQ game at, players can apply some tips below:

  • Understand the rules of the game, make accurate judgments.
  • Players know when to stop, have a strong mentality, and manage their betting capital well.
  • Don’t forget to play for free if you are new to the game. Thus, you will have experience and familiarize yourself before you put your bets to play.
  • Players should bet according to each rank, and should not put themselves in danger. Note do not use large bets from the beginning.


Overall Domino QQ is an easy game to play, easy to understand, and a high win rate. At, there are many forms of Domino QQ bets, specific rules of the game. After registering an account, players do not forget to enter the promotion code, receive a big bonus. Domino QQ at is always ready for players to bet.

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