How To Do Online Sports Betting In Singapore And Malaysia ?

Online Sports Betting In Singapore

Today, gambling is also a business licensed by the state or the government in the area that operates. The gambling industry generates billions of dollars in profits for the government every year, and of course, when it does business, it pays its annual tax. In Singapore, non-Muslims are allowed to participate in casinos as well as sporting events. And make money through those betting.

In Singapore, gambling is still a political issue. Because most people here are Muslims and the law prohibits gambling in any form. The rest of the people who are not religious also can only bet on lottery and horse racing. This restriction further increases the number of people participating in illegal gambling. Besides, the revenue of legal casinos in Singapore is also reduced.

Currently, Singapore has granted Ascot Sport a license to operate online sports betting Singapore. Tourists in the country and even local people can also place bets: basketball, soccer, racing, etc. Because of illegal gambling is reduced, the state receive additional tax from legal casinos. However, despite having a license to operate betting, employees who work in betting activities must not follow Islam.

How To Do Online Sports Betting In Singapore?

Singaporeans are allowed to bet on sports online using licensed international bookmakers. Because when using reliable sports betting sites, players will not get in trouble. These sites have international licenses, which are outside the jurisdiction of the Singapore government and other operational sites.

Singaporeans often use Asian bookmakers that specialize in soccer betting. These online betting sites now support a variety of money denominations depending on the needs of the player. In addition, there are many options for players, such as bookmakers in Europe. However, the operations are not as simple and easy as Asia.

Players should consult and try out many different betting sites to see which is the right one for themselves. Different websites offer different odds, promotions and bonuses. One of the ways to bring big chances of winning is to get used to the odds that Asian bookmakers offer. For experienced players, casinos often apply positive or negative odds.

  • Negative Malay Odds: bettors are more likely to win and receive more money
  • Positive Malay Odds: Players bet with a 50% chance of winning.

For bookmakers in Europe, the above bet type is not available but only US or UK odds, or fractional and decimal odds.

Sports Betting Tips Online

  • Don’t bet when you’re not sure: If you don’t watch the game from start to finish, meaning you can’t watch the important moment of the match, then you shouldn’t bet. Maybe you get lucky once or twice but don’t because of that one or two but continue to bet even though you don’t know the match.
  • Don’t bet too much: There are many markets to choose from so you don’t need to rush to bet too much, as it is easy to get confused and you cannot make the correct decision for each. bet times.
  • Should reverse the crowd trend: When seeing the majority bet on one side, the player should bet on the opposite side. Of course, before each bet, players have to consider carefully rather than bet, but this is a very useful trick.
  • Keeping the mentality: Whatever the bet, the player needs to have a good mentality to make judgments and decisions when necessary. The alert mind will know when to bet when it is time to retreat, and avoid making unnecessary mistakes.
  • Set a limit to win and lose: When betting players should set their own limits, how many wins they stop, how many losses they end. Do not be greedy to bet more when you see winning and continue to bet on the next match with the thought of removing capital because of losing.
  • Reasonably allocate the bet: If you are a reasonable bet, you must be a professional player. You know how to analyze the situation of the game and find out where to put it, what stage is appropriate.
  • Looking for a reputable bookmaker: Players who want to understand bets, bet rules must contact a reputable bookmaker. Before getting success from the rafters, players need to make sure that the house will pay the right amount and enough money they deserve.


Although restricted by Islam, Singaporeans and the government still find a way to meet everyone’s need to gamble. As a result, the government has earned both profits and society while reducing illegal gambling. Besides, when participating in football betting, there are countless different big tips, depending on the experience that the player draws. But whatever the trick, knowing yourself limits is the way to get the best results. And the most essential thing when participating in betting is to choose a reputable, high quality house, is an elite choice that players should not ignore.

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