Online Blackjack Bet And How To Count The Cards In The Game

What Is Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the online card games of choice by many players when coming to the casino. The goal of this game is that the player closest to the 21 score wins. If more than 21 points are loose, the player does not go head-to-head, but each player will play against the dealer. Choices to stop, draw, double, … will be made depending on the situation at that time.

How To Count Cards In Blackjack Cards:

Thanks to the card counting technique, many Blackjack players have earned millions of dollars. In this article, online casino will guide players on how to count cards when participating in Blackjack betting. Simple way but extremely effective.

Many players think that counting cards depends on how well each player can memorize it. However, the truth is not so, the player does not need to memorize too much about the cards. When betting on Blackjack, if a player owns A and cards 10 or J, Q, K then that player wins fastest. So the card count is just a simple way of using a system to keep track of the low and high card ratios.

Follow online casino to follow the card count steps when betting Blackjack:

The Steps for Counting Cards in Blackjack Cards:

  • Step 1. Assign a value to every tag

First is Hi-lo, the most popular card counting system. The face value of the card count is calculated as follows:

  • 2-6 = +1
  • 7-9 = 0
  • 10-Ace = -1

When the player owns the betting cards, the player will add 1 or subtract 1 and can also do nothing depending on the value of each card in possession.

  • Step 2. Keep “Runs” based on the values ​​of the cards dealt

Along with the most recent information provided, each player deals cards will have a corresponding “number of runs”.

This is done by the card counter, in order from card to card. This continues from round to round until the dealer shuffles the cards together. As the number of runs increases, the advantage passes to the bettors. In contrast to the negative runs, the casino will enjoy the higher advantage.

  • Step 3. Use this information to calculate the number of cards per deck or the “net count”

Instead of using 1 deck of cards to play, many online casinos use multiple decks of cards at the same time. So if players want their runs to be effective in the game, then they need to translate their own information to “come right” or according to the number on each deck.

Both are +5 but the result would be completely different if the casino used more than one deck of cards. If more decks are used, there are few high cards, and the player side doesn’t have much advantage. The high number of cards in Blackjack is important for the card counter, but the concentration of high cards compared to low cards is just as important.

Therefore, in case the running player is 5 with only 1 deck of cards, there will be 5 10 cards and a minor ace in the remaining 52 cards. The advantage now belongs to the players. That is why “True Count” is so important and extremely valuable.

  • Ex: If our Runs are 20 and we have b4 decks left, our Total True is 5 (20: 4)
  • Ex: If our Run Count is -7 and we have 2 decks left, then our True Number is -3. (-7 ÷ 2)

When players have the perfect betting strategy of knowing how to count the cards, they have the advantage in their hand. That is how a lot of players before taking Blackjack at used. This form of betting is also known as “skew play”. online casino has a complete spread betting panel for its various members.

  • Step 4. Change your bet as the real total goes up

Once they know how to count cards, players need to keep the number of runs and the correct number. For this is essential to win on the player’s side. However, if the player does not know how to use the information to change his play style, the game becomes very difficult and exhausting.

Bet on using card counting to enjoy the game to the fullest. The way to take advantage of the information is that players have to increase their stakes when the real count is increased. That is, when the card is in favor of the player, it should be a big bet. This means that if the number is negative or neutral, it is not in the player’s favor, the bet should be lowered.

Managing your budget when placing a bet, setting out the right betting strategies is not easy. If the player does not know how to do it properly, it will lose a huge amount of money.

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Online casino hope through this article players will have a better overview if you want to bet Blackjack. is ready to assist players in all aspects, betting knowledge, strategies and tips in betting. Learning each information and using it for the right purpose will bring betting benefits for players. Hopefully, with this way of counting cards, players will have a great experience when betting on Blackjack.

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